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by Sita Writer This year marks the tenth anniversary of Fashion for Life (FFL) that supports the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in SL that has become a mainstay […]

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by Sita Writer

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Fashion for Life (FFL) that supports the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in SL that has become a mainstay of the SL fashion community.  Organizers, designers, entertainers, models, bloggers and builders come together to raise money to find a cure.  Many participants; whether content creators or consumers, entertainers or builders have special and very personal reasons for participating in this stellar event.

Nevar Lobo

Nevar Lobo

Fashion for Life started out as a dream ten years ago by Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starostin. We all know that ten years in SL is like a million years in RL; FFL has proven itself as a testament to time and the fast moving grid.  Ten years later, it is not only going stronger than ever, better yet, it continues to evolve.  This milestone is so special that Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starostin, the original organizers have come out of retirement to head up the 2016 FFL event.

Lobo describes the evolution of FFL. “There was no question that we would do Fashion For Life 2016.  Amethyst Starostin and I took on the challenge last year after the Relay Season because there was a need to fill. Frolic Mills had done a great job organizing the event and he was not able to continue; and because it was the 10th anniversary, we knew it was time to return to lead FFL.

narnia fflThe theme of the 2016 FFL is That’s Entertainment. Fashion For Life was started in late 2006 and known at that time as the Clothing Fair. It began with 34 designers coming together with the idea that the fashion community would support Relay For Life as one. The idea was developed by a group of like-minded individuals; I organized it.  The First Clothing Fair raised about 4,000 USD for the American Cancer Society. Over the Past 10 years this event has evolved into a mainstay of shopping for the SL Grid and looked forward to every year.”

Over the decade, over 20 million Linden dollars have been raised.

ffl gotcha gardenThere is a unique theme each year for RFL and FFL. Lobo continues, “The theme was developed by Amethyst Starostin. The over all theme of SL’s Relay For Life for 2016 is  Once Upon a Cure and this was easily translated into our theme of  That’s Entertainment.  We wanted to give the designers a bit of fun to work with while they design for the avatars of SL. And, really, SL is all about entertainment, friends and networking.”

bowieThere are many highlights in place for FFL 2016 — from an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane that celebrates the history of FFL, to live music and DJs 24/7, treasure hunts, fashion shows, parties and, of course shopping for exclusive clothes created by designers from all over the world with one goal in mind… to raise money for Relay for Life.  “We have a big surprise on the 19th!  There are items around the Sims from earlier FFL events and a memory walk on the Blade Runner Sim,” added Lobo.

Can you imagine  the dedication and commitment it takes to organize an event of this size – it is mind boggling with all the time zones and languages. Lobo explained, “We usually work on FFL all year round, getting our committee together, making decisions on the builders and theme, inviting designers – we try to give them as much notice as we can and so on. My goal is to continue to raise money to help cancer research. I would like those who come to Fashion For Life to leave with HOPE. The fashion community in SL comes together as one for 14 days to fight cancer.  This gives me HOPE. We have designers and creators battling cancer and still designing to be part of this event. When we are all done on the 20th, I want to look back and feel that that HOPE that flowed over the Sims!”ffl

When asked if he will do it again… “Will I do this again…YES!!!! THERE IS NOT A QUESTION IN MY MIND. Until the day we no longer have a need for these types of events for RFL I will be organizing them.”

This year, the event is running for 14 days and will close on March 20th at 6 p.m. SL time.

Lobo wanted to especially give “… a shout out to the builders of our Sims… for without them we would not be ready.”

Geryn Sloane – Beatles
Null Aries (Mac) – Moulin Rouge
Darkstone Aeon – Narnia
Jara Lowell – Vikings
Grace Loudon – David Bowie
KT Syakumi, – Bladerunner
Thathy Slade – Pin Up
Quinny, Amethyst, Rowena, and Cuddly for the entertainment Sims

The money for this event is donated by buying clothing designed especially for RFL from the White RFL vendors, dropping it in the kiosks you find all around the Fashion For Life Sims, coming to the One of a Kind Auction or spending time at the gacha gardens. All the money is sent right to American Cancer Society and on for research and support both local and worldwide.

Sita Writer Writer & Photographer

Sita Writer
Writer & Photographer