Dreams Can Be Fulfilled

I met Naar Rexen (Naarnisse Resident), the 2017 LUXE Paris Face of the Year, at Fishers Island Yacht Club, which is her favorite location in Second Life®. As we walked […]

I met Naar Rexen (Naarnisse Resident), the 2017 LUXE Paris Face of the Year, at Fishers Island Yacht Club, which is her favorite location in Second Life®. As we walked across from the docks to the clubhouse, she explained her love for this place. “The sea and the green of nature relax me. This place, when I go, is always empty and looking at the sea I feel at peace.” We settled down at the bar to explore how she evolved from beginning model to Super Star.

My first thought is always why… why modeling of all the possibilities in SL? Rexen said, “Shortly after being in SL, I noticed the avatar of a girl that I loved, super fashion. I opened her profile. I saw that she was a model.” Rexen found out where she had trained and immediately. “IM’ed to the owner of that academy to enroll me.”

Her path to stardom was not straight. “I love fashion, I cannot help it. I’m addicted. First, I started as a model in SL, then seeing myself so new and insecure, I left modeling. I learned to build and I dedicated myself to raising cats and dogs. I had a heavy metal album. I created a help group… but finally, I returned to the modeling world because it was what I liked the most.”

“When I was a novice and insecure model, Ponchituti Boucher took me by the hand and taught me everything I know. But she did not stay there. She also wiped my tears, she celebrated my triumphs, she scolded me if I did something wrong and she would recompose me if she broke me. She has always been a lady, envious people and liars have tried to harm her, but she never spoke ill of anyone. A lady from head to toe and an example to follow. I am proud to be able to claim that I am a 100% product of the great Ponchituti Boucher.”

I always wonder if the model influences the designer. Rexen told me her approach. “I always let myself be guided by the designer. His style, his tastes. I try to always give him my touch, but respecting to the maximum what the designer wants. I can make suggestions, but the designer, as far as I’m concerned, commands and is always right.”

Rexen was drawn to the LUXE Paris contest because of the two women who own the fashion house; Mika Palmyra and Parisian Skytower. “They are women of great human quality. They always make us feel like valued models, and respect our work. That is very rare in this world, so when you find it, you consider it a treasure. I wanted to be part of Luxe Paris to give back to both Mika and Parisian what they do for us. They deserve it. They are incredible.”

Her future plans are modeling focused. “First of all, I want to do a great job for Mika and Parisian to be proud of me. As future plans, continue with my academy, In-Nova Models. Continue teaching and continue to help my students to succeed… to achieve their dreams. And of course, keep walking all possible fashion shows. She loves the runway most, “I’m addicted to the adrenaline overdose I feel when I’m on a catwalk. I definitely love it.”

“I would love to parade in the future the designs of my husband, if he decides to work professionally. For now, for him, it is just a hobby.”

In closing, Rexen gave this magazine a lovely compliment. “When I started in this world, modeling for MANIERA was one of the highest goals for a model, and coming out in her magazine…wow! Was the holy grail. My first casting was for MANIERA, and I did not pass it. You can imagine then, what this interview has meant for me. I have succeeded in realizing one of my dreams of SL. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Dreams can be fulfilled.”

Naar’s Favorite Place

Written by Deepthinker Oh. Photos of Narr Rexen by Mika Palmyra.

Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor

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