A Blast from the Past

Second Life is abuzz with news about groundbreaking, revolutionary technologies about to be implemented to put the 15-year old platform ahead of the pack again. Virtual reality, say those who are in the know, is just around the corner for all of us, and not only for the fortunate lot who can afford expensive devices to enjoy it. The recent release of the movie Ready Player One has fueled this conversation and some are already debating the consequences of an Orwellian future where we live vicariously through our avatars.

But instead of looking ahead, to the future, and wonder what it has in stock for us, we could simply look back to the past and see how it was like when Second Life lacked all these new technologies. And yet, it was as enjoyable as it is today. Yes! Have a blast from the past and point your teleporters to Svarga, one of the oldest sims in Second Life with the peculiarity of being made up by simple prims. That’s right: no sculpties, no meshes, just your old reliable primitives of yore were used to build a beautiful landscape which, by the way,  you can appreciate during a 10-minute tour of the sim riding a bee.

So, before you go ahead and book a seat in the train heading to the future, take a look at the past and see what our forefathers managed to do with the limited resources available back then. You might conclude that, besides technology and computer power, our Second Lives are powered by imagination and creativity.