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I was once given a lovely wooden box and in the box was a board game called Box of Golf. It was the most beautiful board game I’d ever seen. […]

I was once given a lovely wooden box and in the box was a board game called Box of Golf. It was the most beautiful board game I’d ever seen. Golf as a board game was sort of boring however and the game has never seen much play. A board game is not a substitute for walking outdoors on a crisp Spring day, smelling the fresh grass and chasing a little white ball around. So, I wondered what golf in Second Life® was like. Was it a bored game or something really refreshing.

There are many golf courses or clubs in SL. A list of all of them with comments on membership and difficulty appears below. I suggest a golf course rated as easy to start. You need clubs and maybe a cute outfit. Most courses have a Pro Shop where you can get everything you need. Also, if you do a quick “golf” search in the SL Marketplace you will find all sorts of golfing essentials.

I went to the AERO Golf Club as my first golf stop. There I got some free essentials: golf clubs, a score card, and a HUD. The HUD gives you either a driver, a wedge or a putter. It also explains how to use each club and in general how to play. It’s all very nicely thought out.

Playing is fairly straightforward. To start, go to the Tee (the start of a hole), select a club and your ball will be rezzed. Then, walk up to the ball, align yourself, select how hard to hit the ball, hit it and see where it goes.

Teeing off at AERO Golf Course

When you hit your ball, you can watch the trajectory and once it lands a big arrow points to it. I wish it did that in real life. Aiming one’s shots does require some experience and practice.  It’s really pretty fun. My first hole took 17 strokes. Improvement comes pretty quick after that however. My second try was at Seahawks Golf Course and I got into the first hole in 8 strokes and on the second hole I got a 2 with a masterful wedge shot right into the hole.

There are two golf systems: The basic one (O.O) gives you 3 clubs and the advanced one (C.C) has 12. With 12 you get more control over distance. The AERO course gave me the basic system for free and the C.C system can be rented or bought. Free O.O clubs appear to be course specific but the C.C clubs can be used most everywhere. I rented some C.C clubs at Rolling Hills Country Club and then used them at AERO, Seahawks and Evergreen.

Ane putting at Rolling Hills Country Club

The Second Life Golf Players Association, founded by Clint Sweetwater, is a resource for players and courses. All the golf clubs are members as well as individuals. The SLGPA has sponsored two golf tournaments to date but it generally is a communications channel. Sweetwater said, “I periodically send information out to the group via a Notice attachment.” He also maintains a list of active courses as some I found via Search were no longer available.

Overall, I found SL golf to be a moderate challenge and a lot of fun.


Golf courses, currently active in SL, graded for difficulty. The challenging ones are ideally only attempted by experienced players as danger of blood pressure rising and damage to clubs as you fling them to the ground in frustration. This list was compiled by Anekee Michaelson (amouretta) who is an avid golfer.

AERO Golf Course, 18 holes, AERO Golf Player group required
Owner: Kaja Ashland & Marcus Bremser
Location: Lavender (183, 103, 25)
Playability: Easy

Dark Valley Golf, 9 Holes, no group required
Owner Scatrbrain Barrett
Location: Dark Valley (99, 52, 31)
Playability: Medium

Emerald Crystal Golf Course, 18 holes, good for beginners, no group required
owner: Ira Littlething
Location: Dark Sun Island (35, 66, 22)
Playability:  Easy

Evergreens Golf Course, 18 holes, no group required
Owner Blaze4u Resident
Location: Lovers (22, 44, 23)
Playability: Easy to Medium

Louisiana Golf, 18 holes, group membership required
Owner: Morton Decosta
Location: Louisiana (53, 140, 23)
Playability:  Medium to hard

Majestic Haven Golf, 18 holes, no group required
Owner Douglas Ridge and Dragon Garside
Location: Tiger Eye dAlliez (42, 11, 23)
Playability:  Easy

Rainbow Golf Links, 18 holes, group membership required
Owner MoonLighthQueen Resident and rustybirdy resident
Location: Rainbow Dreams (158, 165, 26)
Playability: Challenging

Rolling Hills Country Club, 18 holes, no group needed
Owner: CrowleyCorp Resident  (Crowley developed the elite golf system)
Location: Isle of Innovation (127, 136, 2145)
Playability: Challenging

Seahawks Golf Course, 18 holes, no group membership required
Owner:  Ric (OvaUk2 Gutter) & Angee Gutter (Angee Seetan)
Location: Front Nine – Brasil (90, 17, 717), Back Nine – Brasil (97, 28, 758)
Playability: Challenging

Sweetwater Golf Course, 18 holes, group membership required
Owner: Padre CT Sweetwater
Location: Blue Cove (26, 81, 38)
Playability: Challenging

Whisper of Silk Golf Course, 18 holes, group membership required
Owner:  Deb Aristocarnas & Cruisecontrol Resident
Location: SouthWest Palm Resort (151, 249, 21)
Playability: Medium

Written & Photographed by Deepthinker Oh

Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor