A Path to Happiness

Shopping, chatting, dancing… repeat.
For many people, that could be a fitting description of their activities in Second Life. But Grath Helgerud had something else in mind. “SL is an amazing place to explore, in depth, who we are and to learn to live in harmony with each other,” he said, sitting on a rock in the middle of the Stone Circle, a stunning place where he and his group gathers to talk. Talk about what? “We pick topics of interest to the group. Some of our last few topics have been Love, Consciousness, Dreams and Dreaming. We are eager to focus on things that touch people deeply.”
Very deeply, since he also acknowledges that this has been a very healing experience for himself and for many of the people who take part in the Psychoanalytical Round Table, which is the name of his group. “Next March we’ll complete ten years of regular meetings here,” he adds.
The community is growing. Now, they have two sims where they meet to find solace, a quiet space to meditate. This first sim is aptly named, a Refuge for Peace. This is modeled as a public park, like Central Park in New York City. “Our sister sim is called Seeking Wisdom,” That one hosts a traditional Chinese Scholar’s garden, a place to relax and meditate under a strong spiritual theme. “The public park is a more secular environment,” adds Grath. “The Chinese Garden appeals only to some”.
There are many activities in both sims, but all of them aim to a single goal: “I think it’s all about love and living together in a truly civil setting”, explains Grath.
Interested in finding a path to happiness? Oh, yes, you are. Forget your hesitations and come know a different Second Life at The Stone Circle.

by Coco St. George