A Remarkable History – The Telephone Museum in SL

by Sita Writer Today it is all about communication, isn’t it? Think about it… most of us are tied at the hip, so to speak, to our cell phones. With […]

by Sita Writer

Today it is all about communication, isn’t it? Think about it… most of us are tied at the hip, so to speak, to our cell phones. With the emergence of the Internet, we are flooded, almost overwhelmed, with information regarding just about anything and everything.  But, things weren’t always this way.  Consider the telephone as a case in point.

During the 1870’s, two well-known inventors, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray, independently created devices that could transmit sound along electrical wires and the telephone was born… sort of.  It seems that even back then there were legal battles about intellectual property and inventions and in this case a bitter legal battle ensued over the invention of the telephone.  Needless to say, Bell won the battle.

It is fitting that a social media platform such as Second Life® has a Telephone Museum, located at Dent (222/110/2002) . It explores the legal battle around the birth of the telephone and it’s fascinating history from its humble beginnings to the modern cellphone.

The museum divides the history of the telephone into sections in accordance with its development and explains in a fun and interactive manner the accomplishments behind each technological advance. The first section highlights the inventors and origin of the telephone from 1876-1900.

The period from 1900 to 1920 is characterized as “within the reach of millions” and highlights the candlestick phone.  The dial era dates from the 1950s through 1970s and displays all types of rotary phones and the final area of display is the cellphone era.  The museum also has many examples of different types of phones from touch phones developed in 1963 to pay phones and the first cellphones as well as many informative period posters.

In addition to the displays, visitors are asked to click the red Listen Icon that explains what you are seeing.  There are also handy displays that you can read if you want to delve deeper into the technology and history behind the development of the telephone. The fun here is rounded out with memory and trivia phone games and a gatcha area.

Denzel Coy established the Telephone Museum because he wanted to create a venue that combined entertainment with education. “SL as a virtual world is a great place to have fun and to learn something new at the same time.  Besides the opportunity that gives people the option to be really creative, SL also gives people the chance to visit a place you can’t visit in RL.”

Among the goals of the Telephone Museum, Coy wants SL residents to learn the history of the telephone. “I want residents that visit to understand how this small communication device evolved through the years from just a few simple cables to a mini-computer that nowadays plays such an important role in our lives.”

Coy is delighted at the reception the Telephone Museum has gotten from SL residents and, this has encouraged him to start thinking about future projects. “I am so glad that my friends liked my museum and that so many people have begun to visit. I am so excited that sometime in the future I would like to create a museum of Natural History!”

Written and Photographed by Sita Writer

Sita Writer
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