A Rendezvous with Horror

You have shuddered reading horror stories, screamed with scary movies at the theater and closed your eyes during the goriest scenes. Let’s admit it: people like to be scared, horrified even. That’s how H.P. Lovecraft made a name for himself as an author of horror stories, many of which take place in the fictional town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Did I say fictional? Yes, you can’t take your car and drive there in real life, but… Yes! You can take this teleporter to Innsmouth (15, 247, 54) and visit it right here, in Second Life.

The minute you land there you know something is off. Maybe is the fog that pervades the whole town, making it difficult to see what’s beyond a few feet from you. Wait, what was that? An oddly-shaped creature crawling and climbing up the walls. Is that coming for you? And what is that greenish glow coming out from the town well? The place seems to defy the regular geometry we learned at school, and yet…

You can join the group of investigators, everyday citizens concerned by the strange happenings in their town and bent on finding out what’s going on. Will you be the one who unravels the mysteries? Will you be up to the challenge?

by Coco St. George