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I love Steampunk and several ManiStyle columns have featured aspects of Steampunk life. With the coming of Spring, comes the need for Spring cleaning and as I look around my […]

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I love Steampunk and several ManiStyle columns have featured aspects of Steampunk life. With the coming of Spring, comes the need for Spring cleaning and as I look around my home I notice that I’ve created an environment of Steampunk items and furniture that fits in with that fantasy lifestyle. So, today, we’ll do a tour of a Steampunk home.

The Steampunk world is an alternative one where science is limited to analog technologies powered by steam and basic electricity. Copper and brass prevail as construction metals and the world has a pseudo Victorian appearance. Some items in my home were made to be Steampunk in style and function. Other items just seem to fit into the bygone era wherein Steampunk resides.

Steam furn 2 dejagg 2016

In the above photograph, I’m standing in front of a magnificent, copper fireplace. It is the classic Steampunk gadget. It has dials and controls and appears to have functions well beyond the simple burning of wood. This is steampunk… an everyday item raised to a higher level of technology that creates an air of mystery and intriguing potential. On the mantle is a lovely, copper and brass lamp that matches the fireplace. And flanking the fireplace, are bookcases by Dutchie Furniture. The books on the book case can be moved around so that several book cases, side-by-side, can each have a unique appearance.

The furniture associated with Steampunk tends to be Victorian in style. I have chosen furniture in the Stickley/Craftsman-style. This real-life style was developed in the Victorian period and is hallmarked by simple lines and detailed woodwork. I think it goes wonderfully with the warm copper and brass of Steampunk gadgets and appliances.

The chair in the photo is called a Morris Chair and it was the first recliner. It was created many years before the advent of Lazy Boy.

On the coffee table is a coffee service that is neither Victorian nor Steampunk. It is one of those items with lovely textures, inviting steam rising from the pot… and I love coffee.

The laptop is one of those Steampunk anachronisms. A digital computer is not possible in the Steampunk universe but… it is a needed tool. Several people make Steampunk inspired laptops. The one here is very pretty and only 2 prims. There is another laptop that looks more steam-oriented but it’s 9 prims. I’d use it except my home is prim-challenged, so the current one is just fine.

It is fun to create a home that reflects one’s taste, be it a preferred time period, location or fantasy. I affirm that your home can reflect your happy place too.

Products Mentioned

  • Vulcano fireplace from Ex Machina. Designed by Hatris Panacek. Visit the store on Colebrook (128, 129, 24).
  • Electric Table Lamp from MCM Engineering. Designed by Equine McMillan. See his store in the Marketplace.
  • Bookcases at 3 or 4 prims each. Find them at Dutchie Furniture (148,84,22) owned by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
  • PB-Spindled Morris Chair from Prairie Bungalow Mission Arts and Crafts Furniture. Designed by Granite Outlander (VanGaldi Edelmann). See the chair in the Marketplace.
  • Steampunk Mesh Laptop by Drow Science. Owned by Somehow Peccable. Find his Steampunk oriented items in the Marketplace.
  • The SteamBook Pro Portable Computing Device, a combination of typewriter and CRT tube is available for free from TriloByte Zanzibar at BlakOpal Designs.
  • CJ Flavor Coffee Set with Wood Tray from CJ Creations. Owned by Caren Jewell. View her products in the Marketplace.

Deepy’s Steampunk outfit consists of dress with corset, boots, fanciful goggles, and a wide-brimmed hat.

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Written and photographed by Deepthinker Oh

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Deepthinker Oh
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Image Credit: The picture of the Steampunk clockworks used in the Featured Image, was taken at Daallinii’s Creations