A Visit to Santa’s Village

You know this year you didn’t exactly behave good enough to make it into Santa Claus’ list, and the chances of seeing him are, unlike the jolly Old Man, slim. Yes, you promised next year you’ll be on your best behavior to avoid entering the good Saint Nick’s naughty list but, what about now? You want presents and gifts and delaying them one whole year simply won’t do any good for you.

Just because you promised, I’ll let you into a secret, but you didn’t hear it from me: You can go directly to Santa’s Village and help yourself to the many goods and candy you’ll find lying around. But bear in mind you’ll have to look very well for them. In the process, you’ll be able to visit several areas of the village, such as the post office, Mrs. Claus’ cookie factory, and of course, Santa’s toy shop, where you’ll see all the elves toiling to fulfil the wishes of children all over the world.

So, point your teleporter to Porvoo (216, 132, 128) and have a great time visiting Santa’s Village. Don’t forget you promised to behave next year. Happy holidays!

by Coco St. George