A Winter Experience

Christmas is still several days away, so we don’t need to rush shopping for gifts, decorations, and clothes for this unique season. But we can very well take advantage of the spirit of the holidays and have fun in the meantime.

That’s essentially the idea behind Winter Wonderland, a sim devoted to all activities that are fun to do in this time of the year. Who would imagine snow could be that fun? Here you can ride a Ferris wheel (renamed Winter Wheel for the occasion), skate like a pro on an ice rink, and even practice your snowboarding skills in a track that will require every ounce of control you may have in your body.

And, if you feel a little more daring, head to the snowball arena, get yourself a pistol or a rifle, and start shooting snowballs to your fellow residents, who will be slung upwards several meters if they are not smart enough to dodge the balls. Of course, you too will be in the crosshairs of their guns, so you may want to duck and watch out for the incoming projectiles.

Everything you do here is run as an experience; therefore, you need to enter it through a special portal. Point your teleporter to Portal Park (76, 203, 54), where you’ll find several doors leading to different experiences. Find the one labeled Winter Wonderland, walk through the portal, and accept the experience. You’ll have a blast exploring this wonderful sim!

By Coco St. George