A World of Fantasy at WeeVille

by Sammie Audion A walk, short of saying escape, into the lands of fantasy is the reason why many visit Second Life® (SL) on a regular basis. To make it […]

by Sammie Audion

A walk, short of saying escape, into the lands of fantasy is the reason why many visit Second Life® (SL) on a regular basis. To make it clear, this is not a bad thing at all as long as it is recognized as such – a visit. There are many motivations for traveling to said lands, some very obvious, others not so much. These days, many might find themselves with a strongly increased need to relax from the worries of Real Life (RL). It is probably not an exaggeration to say that public RL may sail into stormy weathers for the time to come.

So, what does give us release besides leisure and having a bit of fun? The answer is ‘Fantasy!’ Indulge yourself in a world that adheres to comparably basic rules and predictable behaviors. When entering a realm, or sim, it is comforting when the setting looks the part and triggers our imagination. It might be we want a sim that looks like a Hobbit village in Middle Earth or a castle complex that comes from Winterfell. We can merge fantasy movies in the mind and seek a virtual adventure.

A SL builder that specializes in adventurous and beautifully inspired sim creations is LICK and today we explore the world of WeeVille.

A very romantic and artful statue welcomes the traveler at the WeeVille arrival platform. A large wall with a rustic oak door protects a forlorn village made up of roundish houses that look like they dropped right out of the Tolkien saga. Might these be Hobbits minding their business over there?

Unicorns gather at the edge of the woods, apparently awaiting the sunset. A wagon discovered a bit further along the way is a silent witness of people that must have arrived here before. They must certainly love rabbits it seems. Might they be gypsies or vagabonds? Looking out from the shore, entirely new fantasy creatures can be seen: Who would have thought there is a thing like a Merhorse?

Letting the fantasy fly is good for the human mind. It stimulates us and the experience can be shared, which builds bridges, makes (and keeps) friendships. Sharing these fantasies in roleplay gives indications about people’s character, ethical values and of course the brightness of their minds. In return, one might gain emotional balance and stimulation, which results in an overall positive mindset. This positive mindset can then lead to hope and might help us diverging from the beaten path and fixed mindset to find commonalities. That would be so important in these worrisome times in RL.

A great starting point to an adventurous and stimulating journey might very well be WeeVille by LICK. When you set out for your endeavors into your own lands of fantasy, please have the audacity to share it with others. Who knows, our ‘lands’ might merge for a bit out there in the virtual world of SL. Until then “Novaer. Savo ‘lass a lalaith.”

Your link to another world: LICK Sim Designs – WeeVille, Oyster Bay (3, 180, 31). The Elvish text at the end translates to: “Farewell (literal: be good). Have joy and laughter.”
Written by Sammie Audlion, who also did the photographs.

Sammie Audion – Staff Editor