All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween is this amazing combination of cool weather, Fall colors and creepy things. It’s a tingle up our spine and overcoming the fear of going into dark places. When my […]

Halloween is this amazing combination of cool weather, Fall colors and creepy things. It’s a tingle up our spine and overcoming the fear of going into dark places.

When my friends and I were small Halloween was a night to dress up and scoure the neighborhood for free treats. We never did any tricks but exploring the night out was magic. When we got home, we’d divide our candy into piles; stuff we liked and stuff we hated. I’d offer my “hated” stuff to the others in the hope they would offer me something I liked.

samhain-house-of-horror-10-16We used to build “Haunted Houses” in our garages and basements. We would spend weeks finding cardboard boxes from the grocery store and old blankets to create a tunnel. Then, we would stuff old clothes to make dead people and monsters. Add some lights to flash on and off and we were ready. Kids would come and walk through our tunnel and we’d flash the lights and make scary noises. It was great fun and more hokey than scary.

I was an only child so I had time when no friends were available so I developed a love of old movies on TV. At Halloween time I would find all the old scary films: 1930’s ones with Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, Wolfman and the Mummy; and newer ones from Hammer Films in England based on Edgar Allen Poe stories. Late Saturday nights would find me alone, my parents asleep, scaring myself with some old late night flick.

I still seek out a classic horror film for Halloween. I’ve listed a few favorites at the end of this column.

Second Life® has many sims that are decorated up for Halloween. Most of these will be gone in November. There are sims devoted to scary adventures and even to year around Halloween. I’ve listed some post-Halloween, scary places below.

  • Woodbury Falls
    Ironwood Hills
    These two are related. Explore lands where society has crumbled and creepy things await. They offer you a free flashlight… be sure to take it.
  • Samhain – Bullring House of Horrors
    This experience, sponsored by BRM Radio, summons individuals to a frightening and daring Halloween experience from October 23rd until November 13th. Boldly venture down the darkened path and experience the unknown…there is plenty lurking in the shadows. Bring a friend and explore the haunted land, testing your skill in seven haunted experiences.
  • Park Carnival Circus
    Another beauty of SL is that season is a relative concept that is brought in from real life. For instance, if you choose to, you can celebrate Halloween 365 days per year – or whenever you are in the mood for some fun. The place to go to is the amusement park, carnival, and circus at Park Carnival Circus – they claim to be the biggest Halloween amusement park in SL. Enjoy the rides!
  • For any holiday or seasonal period, I always check out the Destinations section of the Second Life website. Currently things Halloween are featured:

Halloween-ish Films

  • Tin Man – A three-part BBC mini-series about a darker Dorothy in Oz.
  • The Mummy – The Boris Karloff version from the 1930’s. However the more recent version (the first installment anyhow) is great fun.
  • Frankenstein – Lot’s to choose from here but the Bride of Frankenstein (1935) is a classic and includes the Wolfman.
  • Dracula – Only the Bela Lugosi version as it’s so campy and melodramatic.
  • Halloween – Just the theme music is enough for nightmares.
  • The Fog – This is a sleeper but it shows how our past can catch up with us and blends normal life with some really scary moments.
  • The Lost Boys – Vampires in suburbia (1987). My sons were teens then and this was a favorite of theirs.

Written by Deepthinker Oh


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