An Intricate Experience

Somewhere along the way you took the wrong turn, and now you don’t know where you are. This place is nothing like the shopping mall where you were planning to buy that cute sweater that took your fancy the day you saw it. Somehow you ended on the wrong side of the tracks and you can’t find your way back. You don’t even know in what language the signs are written.

After many hours of walking around, aimlessly, without the slightest clue about the right way to go, you have to admit you’re lost. The labyrinthine streets and alleys and dead ends seem to take you nowhere. Yes, the shops offer a wide variety of goods, but you’re not looking for a frog avatar, a robot, or a backpack, no matter how adorable, threatening, or lovely they look.

In fact, you’re looking for a familiar place, something you can recognize but… but this place is so bizarre, so strange! The experience itself of walking down the backstreets –the main street now seems impossible to find again– could be enjoyable, though, if it weren’t for the unsettling feeling that you are lost and never will be able to go back to your world.

How did I end up here, you wonder? Ah, yes! Now you remember: you clicked a landmark and found yourself at the gates of Kowloon, one of the oldest sims in Second Life. In all justice, this place could be called “Little China,” with its artfully decorated buildings, the vivid colors, and even the noodle shops where you can sit and take a break after a long walk. Point your teleporter to Kowloon (147, 10, 24) and come enjoy an exciting experience you’ll never forget!

by Coco St. George