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12-31-16 Winter Solstice 2016 at the Museum of Sacred and Narrative Art We passed the shortest day of the year on December 21st. But the nights will be longer for […]

Winter Solstice 2016 at the Museum of Sacred and Narrative Art

We passed the shortest day of the year on December 21st. But the nights will be longer for awhile and these longer nights might give us a little more time for spiritual things and the arts. The Museum of Scared and Narrative Art currently hosts an exhibit called Winter Solstice 2016. It shows the work of renowned RL artists in SL. This is a very approachable exhibit within the Museum that is worth a bit of your SL time.

Also check out the Kira Cafe ( It is a place to meet and discuss “Science in Context.” They made us aware of the exhibit. The image of Stonehenge is by John Constable, 1836, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

El Dorado – A Friendly & Personal Country Club
Tired of Lag in clubs? There are certainly great music clubs in SL, but most of them have one annoying thing in common, Lag! A remarkable exception is the El Dorado Country Club and Dance Hall, Blessed Island (43, 70, 22).  Of course, it might not be as populated as other clubs, however they do run regular events. Their very friendly staff will make you feel welcome and the DJs play various styles of Country Music. Enjoy some relaxed time in this beautiful Winter setup.

Fall Festival and Hunt
creationspark_blurb_1 creationspark_blurb_4

Wonderful landscapes and shopping can actually go along together. Creations Park is a picturesque, yet somewhat upscale little town square with inviting shops. They added some sort of market place to accommodate their Fall Festival which will last until November 24th. The almost fairy tale atmosphere includes even a romantic castle. Note this is a three sim park. Take your time and join in the celebrations, indulge in the magic at the Creations Park (46,74,28).

Save More Boobs
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. LUXE Paris has created the “SAVE MORE BOOBS” t-shirt. There are a tee with shorts for women and a sweater for men! It is free but the American Cancer Society Donation Kiosk is just beside those gifts… So, why not? Look for it at the entrance of the store!


Model: Parisian Skytower


sailing Sep 2016
Summer is still with us and you know what that means: sun, beach, sand, waves, water… sailing? Yes, sailing is a time-honored tradition in Second Life® and you can find vast stretches of water to sail across. You’ll get the chance not only to breath fresh air, to feel the salty breeze on your skin, but also to make new friends who share your newfound interest – and last but not least, the chance to go shopping to find just the right outfit to wear aboard.

But don’t assume that shopping and fashion are the only fun part. Once you get yourself a boat, sailing is a thrill reserved for the daring and adventurous folk. And, yes, also the skilled ones, since you need to develop a particular set of skills to master the craft of the sailor. And the language… you need to tell the difference between being abaft and astern. And you need to find a fitting place to sail around without being ejected by security orbs, colliding with ban lines or crashing a kid’s party when you’re only wearing a tiny thong.

The best choice, of course, is to join a yacht club, of which there are several in Second Life. There you’ll find not only a friendly environment, but also people eager to help in your first stages. Click on the photo to go to the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club. then, go right to the office to take the free boat they offer to get you started. Don’t be afraid to test the waters! You’re in for a great time!

ProvinceTown 10th Anniversary
Provincetown Melodee McDonnell at BabylonProvinceTown is SL’s longest, continuously running LGBTQ community, where the saying is “behave yourself somewhere else.” They are celebrating the 10th Anniversary on Friday, July 29th, 7pm SLT. Featured will be Melodee McDonnell. She is a classy singer and a bit of a prude… she won’t go to the PJ parties.

Dillon Speculass and Getme Somme are the owners of the sim ProvinceTown and Babylon. They boast some of the best live entertainment and functions for everyone of every persuasion. And all are welcome and they mean welcome genuinely, but that’s the point, they don’t boast, they don’t even have a tip jar and have never asked for any support, other than to come enjoy SL with them.

Please take the time to visit this spectacular sim that embodies what SL is all about: creativity, inclusion, music, and love.

The New Kadath Lighthouse
For many, Second Life is a digital universe with seemingly unknown depths. Landmarks create wormholes allowing travel from one place to another, given you know the exact address of your destination. The search function may help you to get around and so does the Destination Guide, but would it not be nice to learn more about the geography of the grid? This art gallery contains maps (historical and current) and has landmarks to exciting places. The sim is also good for a little adventure. Enjoy!

Gardens of Expressions
The Garden of Expression is an amazingly well built art exhibit with high quality textures – mainly mesh. There are more abstract things to discover as well as wonderfully built houses. The houses can be bought. So might you be on an excursion for relaxation, on the hunt for some art or even a new home, don’t miss the Garden of Expressions.

Heritage Exhibits by Gem Preiz
Gem is showing her work in a variety of exhibits on the grid. The artist creates visualizations showing that nature is underlying the facts of physics and therefore repeating certain patterns. Gem uses fractals very efficiently for this. Heritage shows two of those exhibits – enjoy and be inspired.

ManiUpdate: We Love RolePlay
Second Life (SL) is for a big part about having fun. So is Roleplay (RP) and there are many varieties available to choose from. Whatever the preference might be, the right outfits and tools are needed. ‘We Love RolePlay’ has organized a huge market of many different vendors. The market is dedicated to all sorts of RP needs. There are also ads to famous RP realms in SL. Make sure you have enough time and patience to explore this sim-wide market and find your ‘RP-gotcha.’

Park Carnival CircusHalloweenPark_Blurb1
Another beauty of SL is that season is a relative concept that is brought in from RL. For instance, if you choose to, you can celebrate Halloween 365 days per year – or whenever you are in the mood for some fun. The place to go to is the amusement park, carnival, and circus at Black Pearl Beach – they claim to be the biggest Halloween Amusement park in SL. Enjoy the rides!

Kyoto WinterlandKyoto_Blurb_1
Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, is known for its cold and not necessary snowy winters. Some might claim, the old city is stuck in austere and outdated traditions, others say its quality is in its mystery and serenity. The beautiful shrines and gardens give a sense of what the Japanese call ‘wabi-sabi’, the quintessential aesthetic – in this humble way the Buddhists look the ‘imperfectly perfect’ world around them.

Visit Miyagawacho Hanamachi – Hanafusa Okiya (  to enjoy the tranquility in the midst of the city of Kyoto, a well made rebuild. Make sure to visit the shrine.

Romantic Winter Gardens and Art Gallery
An important part of the holidays is not only the joyful moments, but also the quiet time. When we make ourselves aware, how important our loved ones are in our life. Might it be for some tranquility or some romantic time with your loved one, these romantic gardens might be all you need to get into the right spirit.

Happy Holidays, Dear Reader, from all of us at MANIERA SL. It will be our delight to continue to show you special SL places in the coming New Year.

Seeking Wisdom
Second Life offers a wide variety of past times. Some like dancing, some exploring, some chatting with friends, role play, and yes of course shopping – just to name a few options. But sometimes you want to slow down and get some quiet time. Then Seeking Wisdom is the place for you. The beautiful garden allows to escape your daily rat race for just a little while.

Tannenbaum Holiday MarketTannenbaum_Blurb_3
In many Countries, first snow is a prelude of Christmas. It is the time to go out shopping for your loved ones or to cuddle up next to a cozy fireplace. Are you still missing something to reproduce or even celebrate that holiday feeling? Tannenbaum is the perfect place for your shopping. The pop-up holiday market hosts over 100 vendors offering clothing, jewelry, skins, hairs, home decor, toys and treats!

Blade Runner CityBladeRunner_Blurb_3
This double sim world is not simply a remake of the science fiction classic movie Blade Runner. The builds from various 3D artists represent three stages in the Time Continuum: yesterday, tomorrow and the future; seeking answers to the questions: Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? Great movie location for Machinima. Check out exhibits of amazing art located all over the sims or simply have fun and explore.

Take Him ShoppingMenOnly_Blurb

Granted: Taking a man shopping might sound like a bad idea. But this might be exciting for him: The mall host a hunt starting  on Sunday, September 20th at 7 AM SLT. For once, you might pamper your love at a shopping mall for men only that offers some game fun (the hunt). And yes … any girls ‘shopping dream land’ is in walking distance if you should suffer a severe testosterone overdose.

Goths in Autumn
One of Second Life Residents most favorite pastimes certainly is shopping. However, a second one is some thrill or spook. Helvete Norge Fjord offers both. This is a goth oriented shopping area with spooky buildings and even a museum with regular exhibits. The sim also hosts the Black Label Metal Club for extreme metal lovers. How about an early Halloween fix?

Virtual Summer Vacation at Areo Pines Park


Budgets are tight for many around the world. Craving a Summer vacation out in the woods or at an amusement park? Both? Aero Pines Park is the little break you were looking for then. Horseback riding, bicycle, balloon rides, roller-coaster and so much more. Visit to indulge in the unlimited wideness of imagination.

Virtual Vampires


Transylvania, one of the first vampire sims turned 11 years old. The recent birthday festivities are the perfect opportunity to learn more about this form of role play; for example SL Bloodlines. Visit the Vamp Museum. Caution: Read animation windows invites before you accept them (hugs and bites pop similar windows).