Are you prepared to have fun?

There are only a few more shopping days before Halloween, and you haven’t prepared anything? Why is that? Are you planning to sit out one of the most beloved holidays in the calendar? Don’t worry! You still have plenty of time to find everything you need to celebrate, but also to lend your support to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Yes! This year, this charity is organizing the Seasons Festival, a colorful event where you can not only shop among the finest brands in SL, but also enjoy several fun rides, hunts, and even a haunted house, where all your fears will come true… just as part of the fun.

This event will run through November 9th so, if you happen to miss the exact date, you’ll still have enough time to stock your inventory for the upcoming holiday season.

So, grab your purse, take this cab to Creations Park (39, 145, 28), and have a blast supporting Parkinson research!

by Coco St. George