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Now I’ve always been a cat person. Scooter, my KittyCats cat, has been with me for three and a half years. He is a fun companion as he likes to […]

Now I’ve always been a cat person. Scooter, my KittyCats cat, has been with me for three and a half years. He is a fun companion as he likes to be petted, go for walks and to play with his toys. In turn I’ve learned to keep food available for him. I recently became aware of babies in Second Life®. If one wished for a greater level of responsibility than a cat then a SL baby is the ticket.


A number of designers make and sell SL babies. I’ve included three of them here and in the Resources section are links to articles that discuss several more. I have discovered that SL babies are a huge market that includes not only the baby but food, diapers, clothes, toys, furniture, nannies, schools and even whole communities. It is amazing.

Anekee Michaelson (amouretta), designs clothes for SL babies, and she brought three babies to the MANIERA SL offices. These darlings are shown in the photos.

Angelique is a Zooby baby, 4 years old. Angelique’s outfit came from the Rainbow Store, iDreamyou (197, 104, 2359). You can find this outfit in the SL Marketplace.


Juliette is a Funsies baby, 21 months old. Juliette’s clothes are by Jennefer Sands (jen.sands), Rose Whimsy Boutique, Clothes (201, 45, 37).

Rebecca is a K-mae baby, 4 weeks old. Rebecca’s outfit created by Anekee Michaelson, Anekee’s Angels, Bagat (228, 122, 3602).


These babies start off tiny and with your attention, feeding and changing grow bigger and more capable. Some can grow up to be teens. Jennifer Sands has a Funsies baby who is now ten years old. Sands said, “My 10 year old daughter is quite a bit different than she would have been as a baby with so many more abilities. The most noticeable difference is her size.  She is the size of a typical RL child of the same age and can interact with me and her siblings just like any other RL child. She is able to ride a bike, walk, jump, and play with many toys designed for her age group. She fights with her siblings from time to time and can ask them to play. She has a chatback system that allows her to carry on long conversations with anyone around her in local chat. She will decide what phrase she wishes to say based on her mood at the time.”

Sands is planning on letting her daughter grow into a teen and she said, “I expect that as a teenager she will continue to behave as any other teenager would, and I am sure we’ll have plenty of drama to go along with it. With FUNSIES children, the possibilities are endless.”

I even found a community built around SL babies, Funsies Estates. In the heart of the community is the Day Care and School, Funsies Estates (108, 165, 22), which I visited. One of the teachers Sahib Michaelson Conrad (SahibChaz Resident) gave me a tour and he is shown with one of his students in the photo.

If you have an interest in nurturing a virtual child and seeing how these clever programmed objects learn and evolve, I highly recommend any of the sources listed below in Resources.

Babies in SL are simply an amazing experience.



  • Funsies Babies, Funsies Babies (141, 84, 21),
    FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® Babies grow from a newborn and up. There is no maximum age. Your child can keep growing and learning just like real life. You may also choose to stop your child’s age at any time. FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® Babies also learn based on their own genetics. One child may learn to crawl at 5 months, another child may not learn until 7 months.
  • K-Mae Babies, Bagat (192, 106, 3603),
    We have 4 types of newborn children. Our babies have a land impact of 18 prims. They have a system built in with which you can add Mod Parts including neko ears, vampire or demon parts, or furry parts. You can even mix and match! Each newborn comes with an excellent skin, but we have several other skin options at our Mainstore Location. We even have some fantasy skins! Also there are affiliates who make skins and clothing for K-Mae children.
  • Zoobys Babies,  Zoobyville (76, 135, 22),
    At Zoobyville you can purchase a newborn that starts at Stage 0 or a baby that starts at stage 24. After you purchase and rezz your baby, you then determine the gender. Both newborns and babies can grow up to stage 63 with Baby Brain Booster Stars. Newborns are smallest in size and have not learned any Stages. Babies are a little larger and have learned 24 Stages. At any stage you can put a dress or pants on your baby. At stage 24, your baby can be further customized to have long hair or different eye color.


Written and Photographed by Deepthinker Oh

Deepy with Baby Rebecca

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