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Learning what you missed at Orientation Island By Coco St. George Remember the excitement of your first days in Second Life? The thrill of discovering you were able to fly! […]

Learning what you missed at Orientation Island
By Coco St. George

Remember the excitement of your first days in Second Life? The thrill of discovering you were able to fly! The exhilaration of meeting new and appealing people from all over the world! Oh yes, we were so excited we hardly could wait to leave Orientation Island and explore this fascinating world, full of mysteries just for us to discover.

We were eager to join a vampire family, to find a sexy master (or mistress, depending), or simply to go out and see for ourselves if everything that we’ve heard about Second Life was true.

Oh, yes! We were so eager we neglected to pick up the most basic skills to survive and thrive in this self-described 3D world. And thus, now we find ourselves unable to build a plywood box, to stitch together a simple loincloth, not to mention our inability to decipher the most basic scripting code even when our lives are at stake.

Time passes and now you wish you had made better use of your early days. After all, that cool vampire family turned out to be devoted only to plucking out your hard-earned Lindens. And that sexy mistress you so loyally served for weeks, in real life was a retired teamster from Ohio.

Anyway, there’s no point in weeping over spilled milk but in trying to find a remedy. Fortunately, Second Life provides a lot of second chances to learn, relearn, and master any skill you might be lacking or being flawed at in the form of educational groups that offer classes on almost anything. It’s worth noting, in case you’re having qualms over the integrity of your Linden balance, that these classes are free, even if in some cases you’re encouraged to tip the teacher. And why wouldn’t you? After all, the skills you learn may put you on the path of a successful and lucrative career as a builder, designer, or scripter.

So to begin, you may want to visit Builder’s Brewery at Builders Resource (3, 80, 23). You’ll find classrooms, a schedule for classes, and an invitation to join the group (which is also free). Even if you don’t have time for classes, this group is one of the best resources to have every kind of question answered by one of the more than 10,000 members. Besides, there is a shopping strip filled with textures, building materials, and everything the creative mind might need.

If you like a setting where new and veteran residents can hang out, take classes, and even party and have a great time together, point your teleporter to the home of New Citizens Incorporated (NCI), Kuula (116, 214, 28). This group is devoted to helping new players, but is also very helpful towards anybody who asks for guidance. Join the group, ask questions, learn skills, make new friends, and have a great time all along!

But if you lean more towards a serious and academic approach, you should consider visiting the Caledon Oxbridge University Group at Caledon Oxbridge (96, 192, 27). Here you’ll find a lovely and safe Victorian atmosphere and lots of people eager to help you learn everything you need to make your Second Life experience more enjoyable, from scripting to role-playing.

Now, if you tend to avoid settings that are too structured, or maybe you just want a quick reminder of the basic skills, or even if you just feel a bit nostalgic over your early days and want to relive them, then definitely you should visit the replica of Orientation Island the Lindens keep at Dore (30, 100, 26).

Whether you want to relearn or just walk down memory lane, you’re in for a great time!

Coco St. George
Editorial Assistant
Writer & Photographer