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Many years ago I had a friend in Second Life who was a wooden box. See photo on right to be absolutely clear as to what I mean by “wooden […]

Many years ago I had a friend in Second Life who was a wooden box. See photo on right to be absolutely clear as to what I mean by “wooden box.” Her avatar was a simple 1-prim cube object. I on the other hand have always presented as a human. Just a normal person with a head, arms and legs. It never occurs to me to be a wooden box or any other form.

But… I have had a Kitty Cats animated cat for several years. He always lives in my home and is my best little companion. He is programmed so I can play with him and he can accompany me on walks. Another option in his menu of interactions is for me to become him. I could if I wished become my cat. I never thought to do that, but… why not?

So, in the next photo, you see my avatar as my cat. I’m next to a wooden box. The box is not my friend. I lost contact with her many years ago. In the photo, it’s just a cube object with a plywood skin.

How the Kitty Cats people scripted the Cat Avatar option is really clever. It’s actually an Outfit with my shape being the cat form instead of a human form. To make it happen, you must be near your cat and click on the menu for Interact and then Cat Avatar. Answer the prompts and a folder is created in your Outfits section of your Inventory. Wear the outfit and you become your cat. The actual cat is taken back into inventory.

So, once transformed as cat I set out to explore.

First stop was a coffee shop. Cats and coffee shops are a natural fit. As a cat I could not manage a cup of coffee but I enjoyed sitting on a chair enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

Second stop was the great outdoors at Calas Galadhon Park. Lots of open space and a balloon ride. That was fun.

Third stop was Frank’s Place for a little people watching. Cats don’t dance even if they want to, but watching is fun. I discovered that cat avatars are not allowed at Frank’s Place but the greeter, Tracy Sparrowtree, let me stay for a few minutes. I was not able to identify the dancers in the background due to my limited time frame, but I thank them for filling in the picture.

To transform back into a human, just wear any outfit from your Inventory. You need to manually re-rezz your cat.

This was a fun experiment.

Text and photographs by Deepthinker Oh

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