Blurring the Lines

Toying with the idea of blurring the lines between genders, Mind Carlberg called his new project XX/XY, because “these two chromosomes determine our gender.” And in that vein, he’s now inviting the public to find their own way to cross the line between male and female. It can be “subtler, more surprising, more intimate, it can be absurd, it can be shocking, it can be conceptual…” But it should be your own way.

As in his previous photographic endeavor, Naked with a Chair, XX/XY is based upon the idea of having a “do-it-yourself” exhibition, with self-portraits showing each person on the other side of the sex divide. So, the ladies are asked to look masculine whereas the gentlemen should look feminine. How hard can that be? Not at all and it can be really fun. So, go through your inventory, find the outfit that will put you on the other side of the fence, find a prop, find a partner (couples pictures are allowed), and point your teleporter to Love Land (127, 26, 21). Let your creativity and imagination explode!