Changing Moods, Changing Landscapes

January is Wintertime and the world is cold. I love to see the bare trees silhouetted against a cold, blue, Winter sky. I also like for my Second Life world […]

January is Wintertime and the world is cold. I love to see the bare trees silhouetted against a cold, blue, Winter sky. I also like for my Second Life world to follow the seasons.  In Winter, I must have a home surrounded by snow and cold, where I can snuggle up inside a warm, tiny cabin, by the wood stove, with my cat purring in my lap. I Summer, I need the green trees and warm sun to do yoga outside and hike in the fresh air.

My SL home is a skybox above a small parcel. Over several years, I have created inside that little box a number of outside environments. I have no programming or building skills. I consider myself to be an arranger of the creations of others who are truly gifted.

I have both Winter and Summer, one mesh-prim skyboxes with photorealistic panoramas from {taraFAB} (Tara Chester). Her in-world store is currently not available but you can see them in the Marketplace. These skyboxes need to be swapped with the seasons by de-rezzing Summer and then rezzing Winter. Fortunately, everything else stays floating in space while the containers are swapped. I’d really be in trouble with my neighbors on the ground if everything fell down on them when the Summer skybox de-rezzed. My current Winter home is pictured (Click on it for a bigger image). The quaint cabin is from Scarlet Creative (Summer 132, 240, 23).

The main elements on my home are the trees and ground. My forest is composed of elements from Alex Bader’s Studio Skye. I have several pieces from his Enchanted Woods collection (See the web link below). Each element consists of mesh trees and ground with grass and shrubs. Some elements form paths through the woods, another creates a clearing and one has a sweet, little pond. They are editable and look wonderful. The coolest feature is that they have linked scripts so that a change in one element is transmitted to all the others. This makes changing the seasons easy. My Enchanted Forest can move from Winter to Spring to Fall at the click of a button.

The stream in the picture is from Major McCaw at Fort Serenity. It is well designed and gives me great control over textures and re-arranging of individual elements. It was nicely incorporated into my other forest elements.

If even being an arranger is burdensome, there are complete skyboxes and sky domes to fit every season and setting. One designer from whom I have purchased several fully built, garden, sky-dome homes is Two Moon Gardens. They have a huge selection in all sizes and seasons. I wanted one of the Summer globe gardens but it was too big to fit above my parcel and Bunnie Badger, one of the co-creators of Two Moon Gardens, made me a smaller version. I was very pleased with the result.

If you have a whole region of your own and want a complete design to just drop down, there are people who create such things. I came across one such company, De Coeur Design (SkyeRyder Varriale and Bedrich Panace, owners) who offer totally fitted out regions that are ready to go. There are many designs, from Lake Tahoe in California (Summer and Winter versions) to the island of Bali. Prices vary. A smallish island retreat is about L$20K while the Sands of Oman are about L$70K.

Creating your own space is one of the joys of Second Life. Please follow some of the links below to find your inspiration and then create the seasons of your moods.

Vendors, Links and Resources

  1. {taraFAB}. Marketplace:
  2. Studio Skye. Web site: Marketplace:
  3. Fort Serenity Waterfalls, Streams and Ponds, Fort Serenity (12, 10, 406).
  4. Two-Moon Gardens, Ferndale (129,191,24).
    Winter garden globe demo: Ferndale (87, 106, 2602).
  5. De Coeur Design, Lieu du Coeur (195, 80 22).

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The featured image on the home page was taken at Skye Neist Point (149, 66, 103).