Fall Road Tripping

Fall is my favorite season of the year. The best car in the world is a small, roadster with the top down. One might think that Summer would be the […]


Fall is my favorite season of the year. The best car in the world is a small, roadster with the top down. One might think that Summer would be the best time for a convertible. Not true. In the Summer it’s so hot that the cockpit of a small open car become a stew pot. But in the Fall, as the cold fronts roll in and the sun gets further away, an open car becomes life’s delight.

So, how about a Fall blast in Second Life®. We need two things: an automobile and a road.

For the car, I picked a SL version of the Mazda Miata. It’s the ’10 Miyutu Roadster from Wheel Arch Angels. The Miata is the world’s most popular sports car, with over one million sold. Mine is red and gorgeous.

deepy-at-rezz-zone-2For the roads, I looked to the SL mainland sims. There are roads all over the vast assemblage of sims that make up the mainland. Along the road you can find “Rezz Zones” where you can rezz your car (or motorcycle, or bicycle, or whatever). Don’t leave your vehicle rezzed without sitting in it. If you wait too long your item will be returned. It’s not lost and you can just rezz it again.

Once rezzed, hop in and set off to enjoy the Fall colors and peaceful ambiance of long, empty roads.


sim-crossing-excitement-3Oh, one little fly in the ointment: sim boundaries. When you cross from one sim to another, which you do all the time, rezzed objects often behave oddly. See the photo on the left for an example. Once stuck in the boonies, don’t try to drive out. Stay in the car, select it, chose Edit and move it back onto the road. Or if it’s hopeless, get out, select it again, and Take it back into your inventory. Then, TP to the next “Rezz Zone” and hit the road.

The sims on the mainland are lovely and have a wonderful rural flavor. Overall, it is a pleasant way to experience Fall in Second Life.


country-road-2Mainland Rezz Zones You Can Use:


Wheel Arch Angels – Realistic Cars & Parts (D2-Spec), Somdari (135, 215, 1501).  My car is a ’10 Miyutu Roadster that looks an awful lot like a Miata. It was built by Will Sampson and uses D2-Spec scripts. He has lots of cars: Japanese, European and American. He also has custom parts available. See my Miyutu with classier wheels below. When you visit the store you need to get three things: The car of your choice, the D2 HUD and the driving manual. The HUD and manual are available free in the D2-Spec Beginner Box. It’s over on the right hand side of the store. One HUD controls all the cars. So get that and then pick the car of your choice.


Written and photographed by Deepthinker Oh. Deepy’s outfit is called Saturday and is from LUXE Paris Fashion House, Magnum Spirit (73, 90, 29).

Deepthinker Oh Managing Editor

Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor

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