Feeling Lucky?

The roulette appeared in the late 18th century, and soon conquered the center stage of casinos and other gambling places. It owes its name to the French for “little wheel,” because it is actually a wheel that spins. It has a little ball that may land in any of the 37 or 38 numbers (depending if it’s the European or American version) when it stops spinning. And that number and its color are the happy winners. That’s all. And, yes, of course people bet on which number and color the ball will select.

Many a fortune has been lost to gambling, and the halls of the casinos are littered with tragic stories of people who caved to the temptation of betting more than they could afford, in hopes of making up for past losses.

But gambling doesn’t necessarily have to be tragic. In fact, it is pretty fun, especially if you do it in Second Life with free money, taking no risks of losing your hard-earned Lindens.

Grab a cab to visit Angel Manor (64, 246, 30) and try your luck at the roulette you’ll find in the luxurious Rose Lounge, hosted in one of wings of the sprawling Rose Theater, with an architecture that will set the mood for a sophisticated night about town.

You can also try your skills at the billiards table or a dart board. There are also boards for chess and checkers if you fancy something brainier.

Sip a drink at the lounge, hit the dance floor, or simply go wandering around this wonderful building where you’ll also find an opera house, a grand ballroom, an art gallery, and the Grand Hall, venue to many kinds of events. In any case, you’re in for a great time here!

by Coco St. George