Give Yourself a Break

After all the bustle and ruckus of the holidays season, we all are looking for a much-needed respite, for a place where we can collect ourselves. After all this time devoted to sharing and hanging out with others, we may welcome a place where we can enjoy a moment of “me time,” devoid of the pressures of a demanding, challenging world.

If that’s your case –and you know it is – you really should visit Calas Galadhon Park. It is a beautifully landscaped sim that offers plenty of spots to just sit and relax, where even the music propitiates a quiet, calm experience to recharge yourself, or simply to wind down and get ready for the year ahead.

If you’re in for more exciting activity, you can go for a boat ride, but don’t forget to bring along a friend, boy or girlfriend, partner or associate, spouse or consort of any kind, or in absence of any of them, ask a random bystander to tag along and cuddle under the blankets and enjoy a very romantic tour of the sim.

For a more daring option you might want to take a balloon ride. It will take you through several sims, all part of the same state, with breathtaking sights (Tip: set the Draw Distance as high as your graphic card allows).