Idyllic Hangout for Bois & Girls

by Sammie Audion Granted: Certainly in part, clubs in Second Life (SL) can be quite a sex-driven environment. But without any doubt, there is much more to this virtual world […]

by Sammie Audion

Granted: Certainly in part, clubs in Second Life (SL) can be quite a sex-driven environment. But without any doubt, there is much more to this virtual world than simply sex. While some “girls-only” places end up catering to Real Life (RL) males operating female avatars to live out their lesbian fantasies, there are a small number of clubs that don’t believe in this sex-driven approach. They try to offer a place for RL women to hang out, listen to music and make new friends.

The Greek Gold Lesbian Resort (GGLR) offers just that. GGLR is by no means limited to lesbian women – however, it does give a home for a loving and welcoming community. Straight women, who simply like to hang out at the wonderful park or listen to tunes and dance at the club will find GGLR very appealing and, for a change, for the most part not testosterone driven.GGLR_pic4

In fact, at first glance, one might not even get the impression of a lesbian club at all. There seem to be guys too – except they are not. They are bois. Generally speaking, they are genetic women, with a personality leaning towards male. Some use the term butch. They use male avatars or at times androgynous avis and the range might not include all of the more than 50 gender definitions proposed by Facebook, but GGLR allows for some fluidity.GGLR_pic6

Hera Emms brought this club into existence in March 2009. Her credo has remained the same since day one: “Stay as RL as possible and give girls a chance to come, be themselves and meet real people.” As simple as this concept might appear, evidently it works very well as the GGLR group has more than 30,000 members. This makes GGLR one of the most successful clubs in SL history. Given that the group by definition leaves out the male SL population, this is quite remarkable.

GGLR_pic3For the longest time, GGLR was spread over an entire sim. Regularly, Hera made theme-based builds, changing the sim multiple times a year. Currently, the club sits on a quarter sim. That is not because GGLR was less successful lately, but the decision was more connected to the demanding RL of the core members of the team. Consequentially, there is not much theme-based building planned at the moment.

GGLR-Addi-Hera-Xmara _ taken by Xmara Lundquist

Addi, Hera and Xmara

As Emms is the first to admit, she could not run a place like GGLR on her own. At her side are Addison Carlucci and Xmara Lundquist. Their friendship reaches years back and far into their RLs. Emms, Carlucci and Lundquist try to keep the club fresh, current and attractive. They manage to combine a hip club with indulging tranquility on a very limited space. But after all, they are doing it for the GGLR community: the girls and bois visiting GGLR to hang out and meet others, listen to music and dance. The various DJs spining at the club offer different styles of music depending, of course, also on the crowd.

The club and the surrounding park are kept free of any advertising. When asked about this and even making money through GGLR, Emms just says, “I always wanted a place the girls and bois can call home with no gimmicks tied in with the sim”. Now that, these three women surely have achieved. Why don’t you check it out for yourself?

Greek Gold Lesbian Resort, Zulu Island (27, 193, 21)

The Landmark takes you to the arrival area. In order to access the club you must be invited by the greeter who is usually stationed there.

Written by Sammie Audion. Photographs by Sammie Audion and Xmara Lundquist.

Sammie Audion – Staff Editor