Leather Dreams

By Sammie Audion The fashion industry is probably one of the most flourishing industries in SL. One person who has seen much of its development over the years is Xaviar […]

XTC_Sammie_BannerBy Sammie Audion

The fashion industry is probably one of the most flourishing industries in SL. One person who has seen much of its development over the years is Xaviar Thunders. He is the owner of XTC, short for “Xaviar Thunders Clothing”, focussing on the design of amazing leather outfits for both men and women. Thunders set aside some time in his busy schedule to talk with MANIERA.

He started his SL business with building and making hair as many others did, back in those early days. As he always liked to look his best – not just for business purposes – he created his own clothing. Friends asked for copies of his clothing and soon one thing lead to another. It did not take long to evolve from being a builder to being an SL fashion designer.XTC_Sammie_pic5

When he started out in 2006, he was offering leather clothing for men only. It was in 2008 when some smart friends talked him into making corsets. Soon after, XTC developed a female leather clothing line. Gladly he confirms that he took and still does take great pleasure in creating female outfits.

When asked about why he choose leather as his working material for his clothing, he said: “In 2006, the only other company making leather was Avid.  By far, leather is the hardest texture to create realistically and was such an unfilled void. It was also what I wanted to wear. I wanted to be the person that brought realistic leather to everyone.” Exactly that is what he did. And his creations do look extremely realistic – hands down!. He makes “haute couture leather” simply “prêt-à-porter… The remarkable part is his promise for the XTC line: No outfit should cost more the L$400.

While some leather clothing lines cater to the BDSM community or tend to be somewhat “oversexed or slutty,” XTC is something you can easily choose as your “everyday-SL-clothing”. In fact, Thunders explains: “I ask myself ‘Would I wear this men’s outfit?’  or ‘Would I be okay with my girlfriend wearing this women’s outfit?.’ If it passed those tests, an outfit would be born.”XTC_Sammie_pic4

For those who like it hot, I should add that Thunders does create scripted outfits (RLV) on demand for his clients. After “Fifty Shades of Grey” some might appreciate the excitement of having his or her clothing ripped off in the safe environment of SL.

That “PG/Adult on demand” approach might be the second secret of XTC’s success. Its leather group counts more than 7000 customers today. Thunders is confirming that business in SL is not as it used to be in the heydays of 2011. However, he says that he is doing fine and his duties did not significantly change since those days. After all, he takes good care of his customers and makes sure they are happy with the products he creates.

Leather certainly is a fashion statement. Personally, I could see the classy XTC outfits in any SL club or at a party, as well as, for the biker interested in a clean, maybe more stylish look – be that for a wedding or any other ‘sunday-clothing-event,’ While not everyone might dare leather in RL, SL is the perfect location to go out in style, which is certainly true for me. I do own a good variety of XTC outfits and like to wear them for any event.

The XTC main store is located in SL at:  Burning Moon (165, 105, 37).

Sammie Audlion Writer & Photographer

Sammie Audlion
Writer & Photographer