Looking for the Perfect Date?

The Super Bowl is finally over and now you’ll be able to focus on what really matters: planning the perfect date for St. Valentine’s Day, which is pretty much just around the corner. We’ll assume you’re done shopping by now and you’ve found a cute outfit that will make everybody’s heads turn around to check you twice. And of course, the matter of your partner is also taken care of, and you’re confident there will be no lack of eye candy by your side.

All you need now is a good place to walk around, to enjoy the view… to see and to be seen. You want to avoid the most common places and venture yourself down the road less traveled. You may also fancy a comfortable carriage ride, where you can cuddle up with your loved one and enjoy the scenery while talking sweet nothings. Or you may want to jump into a boat, and row down the river, admiring the Mediterranean architecture that surrounds you.

Now’s the time to point your teleporters to Ville de Coeur, a detailed recreation of the French Riviera spanning seven sims for you to explore and enjoy. Walk down the cobbled streets, stop by a quaint shop in the shopping district to check the goods, take a break at a café by the pier, or go dancing at the ballroom by the sea. Or, you may take one of the free scooters and drive around for a faster tour. In any case, you’re in for a date you and your partner will never forget.