LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2017 Contest

MANIERA SL magazine is delighted to be a sponsor of the LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2017 contest for the third straight year. Frankly, this contest is a highlight […]

MANIERA SL magazine is delighted to be a sponsor of the LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2017 contest for the third straight year. Frankly, this contest is a highlight of our publishing year and the opportunity to showcase so many lovely and talented models is an honor we cherish.

To enter the contest is easy. Wear a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title and send your picture, full perm, to LUXEParisLookOfTheYear resident. If you add the magic password ”STYLE”  after your name in the title of your entry, you will automatically receive the LUXE Paris Look of the Year dress 2017.

You can submit a picture every week for five weeks.  Each week, five semi-finalists will be chosen and their picture published in MANIERA SL magazine. The first publication of the 5 semi-finalists will be June 8th. All the candidates pictures will be presented to the judges every week so the sooner you participate the better your chances are of being selected.

The winner gets 25,000 Lindens and: one year of free shopping at LUXE Paris (a value of L$ 30,000), a fashion feature in the magazines; MANIERA SL, ModeLS & Confidencial (a value of L$ 30,400) and a scholarship at One on One Modeling Tutelage & Academy (a value of L$ 14,600).

This contest is open to all SL women. You can enter the contest as many times as you wish as long you wear a different LUXE Paris outfit in each entry. The deadlines to submit your picture and qualify for the weekly semi-finals are: June 3rd, June 10th, June 17th, June 24th and July 1.

After 5 weeks, there will be 25 semi-finalists. From these the judges will chose 10 finalists who will be revealed in MANIERA SL magazine on July 15th and simultaneously in ModeLS and Confidencial magazines. The finalists will each win 10 LUXE Paris outfits.

Orelana Firehawk

The 10 finalists will be invited to a LUXE Paris 2017 Brunch on August 6th where they will meet the judges, shop for their 10 free outfits and finally find out who is the LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2017!

Pictures of the winner will be published in MANIERA SL, ModeLS and Confidencial magazines on August 15th.

The contestants will be scored on their style, elegance and originality. The finalists will walk the runway for the judges but no points will be attributed for the walk as we are mainly focusing on style and elegance and the overall look of your avatar. The top model Stavaros Gracemount will be training the finalists that have no experience on the runway so that everybody will have fun in this adventure.

OK. This all sounds great but… what chance have I to win something this big? You have a pretty good chance. Listen to what last year’s winner has to say about winning the contest.

Orelana Firehawk

“For almost one year I have been the LUXE Paris face and image. Wow, how time flies,” said Orelana Firehawk, LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2016.

“I tried for the first time in the 2015 contest.  Even though I was chosen as one of the 10 finalists, I did not make it.  So I tried again last year and that was it!  I won the prestigious title of Look of the Year 2016 and I am very proud of it!”

“Any competition is difficult and I wanted this title so badly!  Sometimes I doubted myself, but I stood firm.  Also, I am blessed to have so many people encouraging me. People who truly believe in me. Hold on to your dreams!  Any woman can win if she puts her heart, soul and energy into the contest.  It is not easy, but it is such a pleasure to be part of LUXE Paris team!   I was the most happy woman in the world.”

“In my personal life, being the LUXE Paris Look of the Year allowed me to break free and forget that I am a person with disabilities in real life. Really, this title made me grow as a model and as a woman!”

The judges are Orelana Firehawk, “Look of the Year 2016”, Boniefacio, owner of ModeLS magazine, Ponchituti Boucher, owner of One on One Modeling Tutelage & Academy, Chemak Kamala, owner of Confidencial magazine, Deepthinker Oh, Managing Editor at MANIERA SL magazine and Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, co-owners of LUXE Paris.


Ponchituti Boucher

Chemak Kamala

Deepthinker Oh

Parisian Skytower

Mika Palmyra

LUXE Paris Fashion House is located on Bao (89, 43, 26)

Written by Deepthinker Oh, based on materials and photographs supplied by Mika Palmyra