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Spring is here.  While the sun does shine during the Winter months, I always feel the world is gray and white during Winter’s sleep.  Now, it is all colors. Trees […]

Spring is here.  While the sun does shine during the Winter months, I always feel the world is gray and white during Winter’s sleep.  Now, it is all colors. Trees get new leaves and the hills are a crazy quilt pattern of different greens. The meadows are filling with wild flowers, adding yellow, white, orange, purple, blue and red to the greens. Spring is a riot of color.

In Spring, I also get an urge to dress more colorfully too. So, I’m digging around in my inventory and am reminded of the wonderful and colorful clothes I have from the Second Life® fashion house of LUXE Paris. Then, I wonder, “What have they done for Spring 2015?” I ask and get a super preview from Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, the owners of LUXE Paris. I also learn a fascinating aspect of fashion design I never knew about.

Below are four outfits from their Spring collection (Click on the image to see it full size and less fuzzy). Notice the wild colors and free flowing patterns. And, this is the new thing, those textures are based on original art work by Palmyra.

Fashion 4 outfits

Palmyra explains, “I draw in real life (RL) with crazy colors and then Parisian ameliorates the details in Photoshop and we use it  for our templates. I love to play with colors that we don’t generally expect to go together. I love to create ‘joie de vivre’ with the colors, so each texture is really exclusive and artistic.”fashion final tex-2

Palmyra’s original artwork is shown below and in the banner above and in the various thumbnails. See if you can match them to the fashions.

She adds, “The Spring 2015 collection is very different from the past because we used a lot of our handmade textures so it is very bold, colorful,  joyful, fun and daring. We think SL deserves joyful clothes because the colors are so beautiful on this virtual planet.”

The origins of LUXE Paris have one of those real life/virtual life connections that we often find here.

About how they got started, Palmyra says, “I was fashion director for a RL brand that was producing its clothes in SL for a pilot project for 2 years and I hired Parisian as a model first. Then, she started to help the designer that was making the virtual versions of the RL brand and when this RL brand decided to stop the SL project, Paris decided to start her own collection and I decided to help her.”fashion final tex-3

Their division of work is interesting. Palmyra says, “My job is to be a very fussy, difficult and demanding customer” and Parisian does all the technical stuff.

In closing, she adds, “At LUXE Paris we make clothes that have class, that are sexy but not trashy. We would probably be richer if we would go more for the cartoony, big boobs look but we stand for the respect of women. We are trying to push a new image of women in SL. Also because Parisian was a fashion model and had all kinds of problems with fittings when doing a show, she wants clothes that are really easy to fit. She and I have very different tastes so we try to make a collection that will please many people but it has to be classy.”fashion final tex-1

Memorial – Lacie Beningborough passed away in RL on March 26, 2015 after a long battle with cervical cancer. During her time here in SL she accomplished some rather amazing things and was at the top of the SL fashion world for a very long time. She mentored the top models of SL. She was also a very generous person, always dedicated to some cause. Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, of LUXE Paris fashion house, have created a Memorial Garden at LUXE Paris and you are all welcome to visit.

LUXE Paris Fashion HouseMarketplace  and in-world store, Magnum Spirit (76, 89, 27) .

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Deepthinker Oh
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