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by Sita Writer Getting the right pose is hard in Second Life and anyone that tells you anything else isn’t telling you the truth. In addition to lighting and styling […]

by Sita Writer

Getting the right pose is hard in Second Life and anyone that tells you anything else isn’t telling you the truth. In addition to lighting and styling striking the perfect pose pulls the image together and gets people stopping and starting because it communicates something much deeper. Posing is a critical component to the success of a good photo for newbies, models, bloggers and everyone that loves snapping a photo in SL. Dahriel, CEO, owner and creator of *PosESioN* has been a highly respected master pose maker for years and it is easy to see why.


Dahriel found SL by chance. “I was seeking people to talk to about about things relating to mysteries and paranormal activity, especially ghosts. Early on I found a group of people interested in chatting about this and joined SL.”

Taking the perfect picture is a challenge in both lives; we want everything to look natural from clothes and skin to lighting and poses. “I started creating poses, because there were so few poses for male models. As I created more poses I decided to open a store, and *PosESioN* was born.”

The next challenge for Dahriel was naming the store. “I decided to name my pose shop, *PosESioN* because the word mixes Poses and “Possession” and I thought it would intrigue and inspire people in SL.” Currently *PosESioN* has two brands – *PosESioN* for models, bloggers and anyone that likes to strike a pose. The second brand is called PoSeX, and offers a selection of adult poses.”

Poses for guys

The best poses in SL are those that look natural and compliment the styling vibe. “Poses for me, are a way to express how and what I feel. I think with the right pose you can illustrate what your mind and your very soul want to reveal. I aspire to create poses that evoke my reflections, emotions, and sometimes the mystery of the universe, and always the beauty of the soul.”

In terms of the creative process, Dahriel starts with a blank canvas. “I start from ground zero without knowing what I want to create. And, when the inspiration comes, and, luckily this happens with everything I do, magic follows.”

Dahriel thinks that poses are an integral part of the SL fashion scene. “I think poses are what makes models show like professionals and they also give bloggers and others that love photography a the way to create realistic and interesting images. I create poses to express what I feel, and if that helps everyone, then I am happy. I think when you do what you feel, people will like it, and, in turn, you will get exactly what you want.”

Poses for gals

Dahriel’s favorite genre regarding the style of poses are avant garde and haute couture because they are dramatic and represent emotion that evokes wonder and gets people talking. “I think it is amazing, that avatars can express so many feelings here that reflect their RL aspirations, this is what makes SL different from other platforms.”

In spite of his success, Dahriel is humble. “I think we always need to learn and to listen to what models, bloggers and people are saying and what they need. SL is a continual learning process. It is important to be open to other people’s opinions and to improve your work day by day. I have two new two projects in process because I love fashion and will do all that I can to bring more fashion to SL.”

*PosESioN* store at Zen Soul (191, 147, 25).

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