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Winter is a time of cold white and sharp edges. Fashion must follow suit. In the Fall, I mentioned a super Winter coat that I’d found ( It was in […]

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Winter is a time of cold white and sharp edges. Fashion must follow suit.

In the Fall, I mentioned a super Winter coat that I’d found ( It was in charcoal gray and just perfect. Now CarolAnne Andretti, of Gothicaa and Romaance, has improved it with an expanded HUD that lets you choose from many colors and textures. I really like the white version as it really fits in with snowy days. The above photo shows Deepy sharing the Winter landscape with a friendly fox at the Pines at Jacob’s Pond.

Winter fashion Deepy OperaBeing inside in Winter brings interesting challenges. With central heating it’s not cold inside when icicles form outside but one does not want to be in skin baring, happy and perky Summer colors but deeper more luscious tones call out. Deep reds and golds echo the glow of a warm fire, where one can still be a bit bare. Also, formal nights out are a delightful feature of the Winter. Events like the opera, ballet or theater are perfect settings for something dramatic and sexy. For example, in the picture on the right Deepy is at the Royal Opera of Second Life waiting for the opening of a ballet impression of Romeo and Juliet in a custom gown created by her friend Fenrir (Phenrirr). This gown is not for sale but it suits a Winter’s night out so well. The fan is by Maizon Rayna of Terra d’ombrA.

Lorelei in the Maroushka_002

There are times when one is moving between both inside and outside and then something stylish with pants is perfect for Winter days that are not too terribly cold. The above photo shows Lorelei Maggs-Myer wearing an outfit from the LUXE Paris Winter collection. “The Maroushka outfit mixes fun and elegance,” says Mika Palmyra, co-designer with Parisian Skytower at LUXE Paris fashion house. “The black and gold is a classic and the shiny swirls on the pants and collar add a zest of happiness!”

“The Maroushka is the perfect outfit for a lady with a lot of class and a great sense of humour,” adds Skytower.

On a side note… Do you ever have trouble finding outfits in your inventory? My friends told me about a web-based app that can help. It’s a wardrobe from Carlyle Theas Solutions. This product allows you to create a database of outfit folder names, descriptive key words and a photo of you in the outfit. The folder name links to a folder in your #RLV folder in your SL viewer. You look at your outfit photos on the web and, via a click, switch outfits in SL. Very cool.

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Written by Deepthinker Oh. Photographs by Mika Palmyra and Deepthinker Oh. The texture used as the background in the Featured Image for this column was created by Mika Palmyra and is used with permission.

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