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  There is a romance I associate with the open road. I recall road trips across the United States in cars and trucks. I’ve gone from LA to Florida on […]


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There is a romance I associate with the open road. I recall road trips across the United States in cars and trucks. I’ve gone from LA to Florida on the interstate highway (I-10). But the coolest road is not really there anymore. Old US highway 66 went from Chicago to LA (insert old song lyric here) and was the first cross country road. Now I-40 pretty much replaces the old road, but pieces of it exist still. There is nothing better than getting off the interstate and finding a section of decaying asphalt and following it through little dusty towns and cactus lined hills.

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If a road trip across the US is not convenient, then Second Life® has an option.

The SL version of US Route 66 spans fourteen contiguous sims. Only motorcycles are allowed and to be able to ride from one sim to the other you must join the Regent Riders group. It costs L$299 to do so.

I asked Melody Regent, the creator of the road, how it came into being. “When we built MotorWorld [the first sim on the road], there were no real multi sims dedicated to bikers only and we knew we wanted to create a place where we could showcase the best bikes on the grid, MLCC bikes, and the community could ride, work and live.

We added several sims at once with a very clear vision in mind. Lots of roads and lots of variety,” she said.

In reply to “Why pick Route 66?,” she said, “The idea of Route 66 was mine since I live right off [the real] Route 66 and travel along it all the time. What road is more famous than Route 66? The open road? The freedom to ride? The vastness that spans across and entire country? We never considered anything else! Route 66 is the embodiment of Ride Free and we wanted to capture that here.”

I have ridden the fourteen sims of Route 66 from ene-to-end and it’s really fun. I’m only marginally competent so I go really slow and still scoot off the road and into the cactus fairly often. The people you meet are nice. My most favorite place is a little, dusty, wide-spot-in-the-road (as my Dad used to say) with a gas station, diner and bar, surrounded by sand and cactus and looking more than a little bit neglected. I love the lonely, open feeling. Do stop at Twin Arrows. No one is ever there but think of the ghosts of the road as you sit in the shade and watch the tumbleweeds roll down the crumbling road.


  • Deepy is riding a Bullet SPE v5.4 from CC Custom Choppers, Route 66 (192, 93, 45).
  • Her outfit is from Lapointe & Bastchild S’wear (sm).  She is wearing their Classic Black leather jacket and Bianca (sm) knee boots.  See their store at Evocative (90, 128, 30).
  • Denim shorts were designed by Ling Serenity (ling.serenity). Find her fashions at the Bird Next Door Shop in the SL Marketplace.

Finally, to get a vicarious sense of the real Route 66, I recommend two items from the alternate media.

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