ManiStyle: Season of the Witch

It’s coming into Autumn and at the end of October is Halloween. My favorite day of the year. Ghosts, ghouls, things that go bump in the night, and especially… witches.

It is the season of the witch.

I don’t know what that phrase means. It just sticks in my mind. There is a song by Donovan from the 1960’s called that and a movie as well. I recommend both and links to them are below. But that’s not my plan today. I’m thinking about Oz and the witches of same. There are the Oz books by Frank Baum and many, many derivative works, both books and films, but my all time fav is Tinman. This 6 hour retelling of the Oz story is a fantastic, modern, steampunk even, romp. I love it.

But alas, there seem to be no Oz themed sims in Second Life. I did find a sim called Ozmeade that is home to the Grey School of Wizardry, Ozmeade (187, 126, 27). They offer classes and socials and it is worth a look. Now back to Oz, my staff editor, Coco St. George did find a costume for Dorothy on the Marketplace. It includes a blue and white checkered gingham dress, ruby slippers and a small dog. So, if a reader were so inclined that outfit might be the beginning of a Oz community in SL.

So, are there real witches in Second Life? I did a little exploring. I found Witches Island, witchfest (81 201, 25). This is a wiccan pagen community that has many events and classes each week. It is the SL home of the Children of Artemis, which is a UK-based wiccan organization in RL.

What about Halloween and haunted sims? There are many of those. Two years ago, we took you to a few of them (ManiStyle: All Hallows Eve ). This year we send you to the Second Life Destinations page for all things haunted and hallowed. Also, a number of Halloween destinations are found at the Chedderbarrel Visitors Center, Shedao (202, 236, 202).

I’ll not leave out Harry Potter either. You can jump into magical role play at these two sims: Mischief Managed Roleplay, patronum (30, 158, 23) and World of Hogwarts, Forbidden Forest (67, 15, 26).

by Deepthinker Oh