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This ManiStyle column is devoted to a look behind-the–scenes at MANIERA SL Magazine. There have been some staff changes this year. Coco St. George came on staff as a writer/photographer […]

This ManiStyle column is devoted to a look behind-the–scenes at MANIERA SL Magazine. There have been some staff changes this year.

Coco St. George
Editorial Assistant

Coco St. George came on staff as a writer/photographer last December. She has written four features this year. In September, she was appointed Editorial Assistant and is responsible for writing the bi-monthly ManiUpdates and managing the communications with our two SL groups, MyManiera and Maniera Magazine. St. George had a brief stint at Maniera previously (in 2013, I think) as the writer of our, now long gone, Men’s Column. We are so happy she is back.

Becky Kénaan

Becky Kénaan has joined the staff as a writer/photographer. Kénaan is a model and has been featured on our pages as a contestant and finalist in the LUXE Paris Face-of-the-Year Contest. She has her own fashion blog and will focus on fashion for Maniera. Her first feature article will appear November 15th. Watch for it.

Sita Writer

Sita Writer, writer and photographer, is still very active. She wrote the October 15th feature and will be back in December with a look at Christmas Festival sims in SL.

Sammie Audion – Staff Editor

Sammie Audion, my Staff Editor, is on extended leave currently. Her globe hopping lifestyle is keeping her too busy to work with us. We affirm that she will be back.

Ane Michaelson was the Editorial Assistant during the Summer. She was a super researcher and helped with several articles. I miss her competent assistance.

Ane Michaelson

Topaz Joubert, publisher, editor-in-chief and owner, and I, managing editor, are still here and loving this whole process. It seemed fitting to ask Joubert, who founded this adventure after all, to give a brief summary of the history of MANIERA Magazine.

Topaz Joubert
Publisher & Owner

Joubert said, “I have always been interested in publishing and Second Life offered a perfect opportunity.  Actually, the magazine was not planned. I was looking for something interesting to do in SL and saw a job opening for fashion editor. I applied and got the job but shortly after the owner and a few key staff left SL. By this time I bonded with some amazingly talented people and we decided to keep the magazine going. Shortly after that we decided to start a modeling agency and school. MANIERA means “manner of own style” which over the years has really rung true.

MANIERA District Cover

What started by fate in SL ended up moving over to real life and evolving to a real life award winner printed publication MANIERA DISTRICT. Currently, the real life publication is on hiatus but we hit so many milestones.  Finalist for DMA (Digital Magazine Award) online version, printed publication named the official magazine for New York Fashion Week, Sep 2016, and just recently, MANIERA DISTRICT with our design partner Azer Creative was named Best Redesign for 2016 Fashion Week Edition from the American Graphic Design Association. As mentioned our real life publication is on hiatus but Aphodite Brianna and I are kicking around a few exciting ideas. The future and possibilities are always changing, just like MANIERA!”

A brief MANIERA time line is: SL edition begun on Valentines Day 2009. Real Life online edition begun in July 2012 and our first print edition was November 2014.

Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor

Written by Deepthinker Oh

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ManiStyle is a monthly column that explores an idea, a style, a trend or a realm in SL and gives you some links to go explore and draw your own conclusions. MANIERA SL expresses an outlook on life that is part Vanity Fair and part Rolling Stone. In ManiStyle, we introduce you to our take on life and ask that you share your views and reactions.