Mermaids in Second Life

Recently, mermaids have been in the news in real life (RL). Some claim that there were sightings on this legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human […]

mermaids 1Recently, mermaids have been in the news in real life (RL). Some claim that there were sightings on this legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish, which is the definition according to Wikipedia. Now given that some sort of reproduction must occur for the species to survive, one should assume there are mermen too.

While this is still is considered a highly questionable theory in RL, Second Life® (SL) is ahead of the curve or maybe I should say ahead of the wave. SL calls them Merfolk and they do exist and flourish in many fantasy realms all over the grid.

A good starting point to the merfolk adventure certainly is Haven of Mermaids (54, 154, 4). The sims give plenty of room to swim and socialize with other merfolk. It also provides home to a nice merfolk shopping mall – of course underwater – to get you started to become the aquatic creature you always knew you are. You can also check out the SL marketplace too for aquatic gear.

So are you now considering the mystique of the merfolk in SL?

Many other realms offer roleplay in SL where merfolk are part of the environment. Depending on the rules of the chosen realm, your character might be any aquatic being, usually given that one half of the body is human, the other half is fish. Maybe you would like to become a shark/human, hunting in the kelp forest for unsuspecting inhabitants?

Another wonderful place to roleplay as merfolk is the Realm of Mystara (See for information). Within this multiple sim realm different aquatic areas are set up for enjoyable interaction with other merfolk. There are sunken buildings and monuments to gather or beach-like areas to interact with non-aquatic races. Note that Mystara is a true roleplay realm, which means that there are rules and a plot. The website provides all the information and mentors are available in-world.mermaids 2

It might be helpful for your roleplay to learn a little about the merfolk in general. While the merman have very little interest in humans, mermaids tend you seek human contact, with good or bad intentions depending on which myth you are reading. Most sources (but not all) describe mermaids generally as young and beautiful women, often seen with comb and mirror in paintings and pictures.

Stories are told that mermaids have significant magical skills. Further they tell the tail (pun intended) that when a human helps a mermaid, the mermaid would fulfill three wishes in return. If that one of those wishes can include the wish for unlimited wishes could not be answered in this research though.

While some sources say that they are indeed sirens to lure fishermen to their certain death, others claim they are not the same creatures at all. The Irish seem to consider mermaids lovely and beautiful, even romantic, but the British believe them to be creatures who foretell disaster, as well as on occasion, provoking it. So if you should ever see a mermaid, you might want to ask where she is from.

Text and photographs by Sammie Audion

Sammie Audlion Writer & Photographer

Sammie Audlion
Writer & Photographer