Mission: Mars

After several months of unsuccessful attempts to restore contact, two weeks ago NASA announced the end of the mission of its Mars rover, Opportunity. Designed to last only 90 Martian solar days (some 92.5 Earth days) and travel no more than one kilometer, Oppy, as her friends called her, sent valuable scientific data to the Earth for almost 15 years, and traveled 45 kilometers before she stopped working – aptly at the Perseverance Valley of the Red Planet.

There is a new rover mission planned to Mars for 2020, but you don’t need to wait that long. That’s right! As a SL resident in good standing, you can go ahead and explore Mars right away. Point your teleporter to Jacksboro, the entry point of four amazing places where you’ll get not only to explore, but also live and play as one of the valiant astronauts who will unravel the mysteries hidden in our Solar System.

You’ll find the Mars Station, which is where you’d want to go if you aspire to follow in Oppy’s footsteps. There you will find everything you need – even a greenery to grow your own vegetables in case your fellow astronauts leave you behind.

Then there is the New Earth settlement, in case you miss breathing fresh air and feeling the green grass growing under your feet. If you love to be in outer space but sometimes you need to catch a whiff of your home planet, this is the place you want to go.

Or you could simply visit the Space Station and enjoy all the amenities it reserves to the courageous astronauts who boldly go where no man has gone before.

Scientists aren’t sure if Tau Ceti has habitable planets orbiting around, but if there are, you’ll be fully prepared after practicing in the mining operation, the fourth option to explore in this wonderful sim.

And remember: every journey into outer space should start by selecting the right outfit for that daring adventure. So, before jumping on the teleporter, visit your favorite store and choose the garb that will make this quest even more enjoyable!

by Coco St. George