Models in Cafes Getting Coffee

OK. The title was inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s web show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I’m not a model but Nany Jurado most certainly is a top model and this […]

OK. The title was inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s web show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I’m not a model but Nany Jurado most certainly is a top model and this is our conversation over coffee.

In case you never read Maniera Magazine, Nany is the new 2018 LUXE Paris Look of the Year. She was selected from over 100 contestants to hold the title. In our conversation, we explore how she created a Second Life career that led to this milestone.

Settling in with steaming cups of coffee, I asked Nany about the LUXE Paris contest and how she charted her course to the winner’s circle. She said, “First, if you work hard and give a vote of confidence in yourself, you can achieve whatever you want.” She felt she won because, “I try to be myself and when dressing me be simple and elegant at the same time. The most important thing is to take care of every detail.”

Nany lives in Medellin, Colombia and is involved in so many SL activities that I’m simply amazed. To begin, she came into SL out of curiosity. At first, she explored building and working in a shop but it was modeling that called to her.

She has trained at the best SL academies (Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, Locuala Madruga Training Models, UH Models, and Miss SL Academy). She has won contests (Miss Venezuela Virtual, first runner-up in Miss Virtual Diva, and the Top 10 of Miss Mundo Virtual) and been featured in magazines and on runways.

Several people influenced her development. She considers Ponchituti Boucheri to be her mentor and Naarnisse, Frolic Mills and Diana Balhaus have also been valuable influences. She has a blog that focuses on photo essays of the latest looks in fashion. To complement her blog she also has a Flickr stream.

Nany owns a modeling academy, Diamond Models. It opened a few months ago and Nany feels it fills an important niche in training models. She talked with other models who had dropped out of training because the academy assumed that they had a basic knowledge of the fashion industry and that’s not always the case. So, her academy is for “teaching people who do not know anything at all, and here they can make their first steps to go to another academy.” Her academy then is a beginners course, preparing people for more advanced training.

I asked if there was more. She said, “I am a radio announcer, image consultant for weddings and events. I hold private classes on basic photography. My SL partner and I have a radio station called radio with sense. It’s name is actually Radio con sentido and it is on the air 24 hours a day. You can listen to it at this link.

In closing, Nany sums up her virtual experiences, “For me SL has given me a thousand things to learn and do.”

And being a top model is only one of those accomplishments.

Below is a gallery of Nany modeling the latest fashions from LUXE Paris.



BOLLICINE Double Dress

TROPICAL SKY Peasant Dress


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Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor

Written and Cafe pics by Deepthinker Oh. Fashion photography by Mika Palmyra. Featured image on our home page by Nany Jurado.