New Fall & Winter Fashion Trends on the Horizon

by Becky Kénaan For this Fall and Winter, MANIERA SL Magazine looks across the fashion vista, aiming to fulfill the expectations of its readers, by showcasing the upcoming trends and […]

by Becky Kénaan

For this Fall and Winter, MANIERA SL Magazine looks across the fashion vista, aiming to fulfill the expectations of its readers, by showcasing the upcoming trends and designers here in Second Life.

Hello All! Becky Da’ Boop Kénaan here at your service – sifting through the various collections, ensuring that our readers have the very best information on what’s trending – while going that extra mile to hone in on what some fashion gurus in Second Life are imagining.

Loordes of London – A Static Posture

So, what’s new on the horizon for this coming Fall/Winter Season? Cozy and casual knits perhaps? Or is the trend moving towards mixing, juxtaposing and stitching together hybrids as in RL?

What may at first glance seem to be at odds, the SL designers are actually quenching their playful thirsts, by mixing and matching unexpected combinations of prints, textures and color tones.

In short, this coming Fall/Winter Fashion Season is all about celebrating the individuality of style through a multitude of trends waiting to be envied, adorned and ultimately loved here in Second Life.

Legendaire Fashion – Thelma Outfit

To explore these possibilities further, I chose Loordes of London and Legendaire Fashion to represent our shining, trend-setting designers.

Loordes of London founder and CEO, Maja Signa, has repeatedly embodied femininity in her elegant silhouettes since her label’s creation in 2010. The Loordes of London customer wants both color and a look of comfort; and that is exactly what Signa delivers.

Signa’s work for this coming season evolved from her love of color blocking. She replied, “I am a color blocker at heart because I love the contrast.” Infused within her creations are rich, contrasting and playful colors inspired by both context and computer graphics.

When asked about the direction for her new Fall/Winter releases, Signa responded, “This year I strove to achieve a soft touch on some of my pieces. Since color blocking is very finite, I compromised somewhat with more of a fade look on many of my designs this season. In doing so, I maintained the color blocking, but more on the softer side (with subtle fade contrasting).”

Loordes of London – Casual Catch & Release

It takes but one look at her teal-colored casual chic Catch & Release outfit to fully appreciate this direction. Mixed with a pinch of sexy spice and a sprinkle of debonair flair, her faded or washed look with its clever fractal fish scale accent patterning adds subtle yet breath-taking dimension to its surfaces.

Looking more closely at her work, one cannot help but see modern eclecticism at play. This same trend is now seen developing as hybrid design in the RL fashion industry. When asked to who in RL fashion was her source of inspiration she replied, “Christian Louboutin – dares just because he wants a color combo previously unheard of – and now the new black is truly red.”

Running against the current, embodied within the soul of Signa’s work is her unique sense of style, scale, balance and proportion – putting her digital DNA and original styling impetus into high gear. This fashion forward work is clearly evident in her A Structure Club piece with its gorgeous use of bold, solid blocking contrasts and clever yet stunning trim detailing.

The contemporary fashion scene here in Second Life is growing. It is also quite amazing to see the talent that embraces it – in both the Virtual World and in the Marketplace. These environments incentivize creative freedom – which compete to create fashion collections and pieces that the discerning buyers in SL understand in terms of quality and appreciation to detail.

One such relative newcomer into this competing fashion arena is Kim Lysette, CEO of Legendaire Fashion. Lysette is an intelligent, fashion literate woman of style whose contemporary collections move beyond the status quo. Lysette’s ingenious attention to detail, her novel styling permutations and innovative use of color & patterns in her HUDS all add up to stunning results. Her trend setting work is not only relevant here in SL but vital.

Having an aptitude for creating simple beauty, she realized her God-given talent and ambition to become a fashion designer in Second Life, creating her unique brand of clothing in “many different styles for any mood, day or occasion,” she stated.

Legendaire Fashion – Akemi Dress

Her Akemi dress serves as a great example. Its long dress skirt with its multitude of HUD pattern options are heady, set against dark backgrounds, paired with light and whispering solid-colored tops. It is within these details where her style flourishes in telling yet innovative and stealthy ways.

When asked about the creative spark of inspiration behind her label’s namesake Legendaire, Lysette replied, “I get inspired often by music, by movies, trends around the world, different coutures but I really believe the source is God. Without Him, it would be impossible.”

The hooded Thelma Sweater outfit is another splendid example of fun with its delightful variety of HUD driven, color-patterned choices. This outfit makes an adorable and undeniable statement. Its sexy fishnet tights and platform heels are certain to spice things with your strut.

Lysette’s HUD-driven GB Coat is a wonderful example of a Winter piece. It warms one’s eyes with its conveyance of comfort and styling pizazz. Its texturing is superbly rich. Its billowing fabric gathers and tucks perfectly with a calling reminder to one’s mind that Winter is on its way.

Legendaire Fashion – DG Coat

Both designers and models love engaging in this fashion environment together – transfiguring styles from fashion’s glorious past history and engaging in today’s trends. Lysette, when asked what her most loved period in fashion history was, responded, “Oh, I loved the ’50s! The ’50s fashion was meant for women to be women – they were sexy without showing too much. I love how they were feminine and so glamorous!”

The future portends change. Certainly, without trends there is no design impetus for this change. Fashion is a perpetual and cyclical wheel of do’s and don’ts, nixing old trends and creating new ones.

Of course, certain sacred, eternal pieces shall remain timeless and will never go out of style – like a good pair of blue denim jeans, a basic white halter, or a nice cashmere sweater.

Today’s trends here in SL are truly moving forward with new momentum prompted by the look of comfort, the delightful use of color and design ingenuity – All combined to create a profound sense of purpose, self-assurance and ultimate joy.

Written and photographed by Becky Kénaan. The photograph of the Akemi Dress by Larry Writer.

Becky Kenaan