Nightmares Hidden in the Sanctuary of the Mind

by Sammie Audion Doubtfully, anyone would argue against the fact that the human mind has come a very, very long way since the days our ancestors lived in caves almost […]

by Sammie Audion

Doubtfully, anyone would argue against the fact that the human mind has come a very, very long way since the days our ancestors lived in caves almost constantly a ‘Fight or Flight Response’ state, simply to live another day. Did the human mind develop that response when we lived in caves? Probably not, many animals share the very same response so it may date back much further into the mists of evolution.

Following that thought must include the fact that humans are primates. In this group, humans (Homo sapiens) are most closely related to chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and bonobos (Pan paniscus), with whom they share 98.7 percent of their genetic sequencing, according to researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Moreover, the Abyssinian house cat shares 90 percent of its DNA with humans. Hence, it is not an unreasonable conclusion that humans could be equipped with a rather simple and animalistic emotional base at the deep core of our ‘oh-so-terribly-sophisticated and advanced’ intellect.

So, how is that relevant when it comes to nightmares in the sanctuary of the mind?

It can easily be agreed upon that mammals have strong basic emotions such as fear, joy, pleasure, pain, grief, aggression, sense of belonging or loosing a mate and so on. When we look at groupings like packs in nature, rather complex social structures and behaviors can be observed. This typically also includes some sort of dominance and submission – the drive for social status and power. It even includes the projection of dominance over submissive pack members for pure satisfaction. Since most species evolve rather slowly, those archaic emotions are most likely still part of us, buried deep into the psyche having spent millions of years developing the base instincts of survival.

Most have learned to cope rather well (aka civilized) with those basic or ‘animalistic’ emotions. We use them to thrive in our careers, to be competitive in sports, to react to emergencies and of course in sexuality. Because these emotions are extremely strong in their original form, we learn over time to apply the right dosage of ‘raw power’ for a given situation – the dosage being dependent on the individual and the interpretation of the situation at hand.

To indulge in these extremely strong and but certainly simple emotional forces can be extremely stimulating, scary, or intoxicating and on occasion bring tranquility and balance to a stormy emotional mind. This can be part of BDSM given a healthy level of control and experience.

Second Life (SL) offers a variety of Role Play (RP) in this area. That could include – but is certainly not limited to – said BDSM, Slavery, Gor, Pony plays, Imprisonment, forms of Rape, Abuse, Humiliation, Prostitution just to name a few. To be absolutely clear, this is not to glorify and promote any of those practices. However, if the drive for these practices would not have a seed deep in the human mind, the practices would not exist in the first place. The argument can be made that bad behavior should not be practiced. While this is true it can also be said that closing the eyes does not make an elephant in front of us go away. But let’s save the discussion about perception reality for another time.

Generally speaking, it is rather desirable to explore emotions close to the core – those said basic emotions to get to know oneself. In Real Life (RL) this might come with unwanted ‘side effects’ that might not might not be acceptable. In SL given the ultimate power of the logoff button, this is a rather safe experience. It might help to find hidden talents that one never knew he or she had. After all, why struggle trying to be a (poor) leader if one is an amazing team player? To find our own calling is leading us closer to our personal success and happiness.

So why not explore some nightmares in the safety of the mind within SL? The Sanctuary is the ideal place to explore these darker sides of RP. Don’t forget to read the rules before going in and get a visitor tag – because, yes, everything could happen. The journey will take you to the Middle East. An Arabic city on multiple sims including suburbs, tents, even some areas of desert, sea, island. Large enough to get forgotten when captured and enslaved. Maybe you are the one who can defend yourself maybe you desire to be on a mission to free others?

The RP itself is handled with the help of a Unity Game HUD. The HUD is simple to learn and allows a level of combat interaction and other features. It allows you to track your game status, health and strength, it shows what kind of tools and treasures you have gathered, your associations and more. Why don’t you give it a try!

Just like any good detective, we follow the leads to learn if they are wrong or not plausible. Whatever remains must be the truth. So we make our experiences of things we don’t like, until we bump into something we like but never ever would have thought about. Since it is so close to the archaic core, it might help explain actions we do in RL and always wondered where that was coming from.

While experiences like that might be rather dangerous or immoral to do in RL, SL allows ventures in our nightmares in the sanctuary of our mind with one finger on the logout button. However, always keep one basic rule in mind: Generally, ‘Open chat’ is ‘in character’ (IC) and IM is ‘out of character’ (OOC) – a luxury, RL does not offer.

Movafagh bashed (Good luck).

Visit Sanctuary at Sanctuary (203, 160, 506).

Written and photographed by Sammie Audion

Sammie Audion – Staff Editor