O Art. Art. Where for art thou art?

It’s still Winter even if March has arrived. There is ice and wind and I’m tired of the cold but staying inside is getting so boring (pronounced BORE-ING!). So what […]

art art bannerIt’s still Winter even if March has arrived. There is ice and wind and I’m tired of the cold but staying inside is getting so boring (pronounced BORE-ING!). So what to do? Answer, go to an art gallery or museum. Stay warm inside but take wonderful flights of fantasy to all those places and ideas presented in the paintings, sculptures and installations.

But wait, I still have to go outside in the cold to get to a gallery! No, visit the art galleries in Second Life®. Have the best of both. Stay warm. Enjoy art.

OK, I’m sold on the idea, but where to go?

To begin, we have some suggested galleries below. They were chosen to offer a cross section of what is in SL. There is a museum of art, contemporary art, art for sale, erotic art, contemplative art… all sorts of art. Explore and enjoy.

Citta Bhavana Ashram

Citta Bhavana Ashram

If you wish access into a bigger world of art, there is the Art Galleries of SL. This is a web site and HUD that list art galleries in SL. It was created and is maintained by Sasun Steinbeck. There are kiosks throughout SL and they will give you a HUD. The HUD walks you through map locations of 300+ galleries. Find one that interests you and then teleport there. There is also a web site that has ratings, new galleries, what’s hot now, etc. This is a very useful service for keeping up with the art scene. See link below.

The Linden Endowment of the Arts is an official Linden Community Partnership program whose purpose is to help new artists, cultivate art in SL, and foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration within the art community. Their blog has the latest art openings, shows by individuals, installations and competitions.

Bryn Oh is an artist in SL and she keeps her finger on what’s happening. Oh’s blog is an excellent resource for the latest good stuff.

Lollygagger Art Center

Lollygagger Art Center

If you are buying art you need to know about this service. Zena Zemlja founded the Legal Quality Art Galleries in SL. Its goal is to connect galleries and artists in order to protect intellectual property rights of artists who sell their work, . When you buy art from galleries in this group, you know you’re buying legal art, sold either by the artist, or by an official SL agent. So, when you decide to buy art be sure to deal with a gallery that is a member of this group or the artist themselves.

A Few Galleries to Get Started

  • The Rose Galleries at The Rose Theatre. Art plus theater on an amazing sim. Angel Manor (101, 124, 33).
  • Peace is a Choice Gallery of Fine Art. A wide range of installations and art works. Jaxipun (83, 235, 24).
  • The Modern Museum at STEM Island. A tour through art history with representative paintings from Ancient Greece to Abstract Expressionism. STEM Island (132, 134, 3501).
  • Art Galleries: Body, Mind & Spirit. Photographs from a number of RL artists. Last Chance Island (35,36,22).
  • Histoire d’O Art Gallery. Specializing in erotic photographs and poetry. Dark Elixir (92, 71, 22).
  • SOMA Art Gallery. An interesting collection of art from around the world. Several stories tall with a fabulous garden in the middle. From the landing point you need to teleport to the Art Gallery and then walk across a courtyard. A bit hard to find but worth it. Soma (128, 127, 27).
  • Lollygagger Art Center. Rotating works by many artists set in a funky urban community. Agriopis (88, 52, 38).
  • Citta Bhavana Ashram. A spiritual center with an art gallery set in lovely gardens. Dreamworld Crystal (99,215,22).

Art Resources

The title is a paraphrase, and with apologies to William Shakespeare, from the play Romeo and Juliet.

Written by Deepthinker Oh

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