One Fine Morning at a Fashion Show

Last Sunday morning could not have a more auspicious start: the orange juice was freshly squeezed, the coffee was perfectly brewed, and the crispiness of the bacon promised a most […]

Last Sunday morning could not have a more auspicious start: the orange juice was freshly squeezed, the coffee was perfectly brewed, and the crispiness of the bacon promised a most delicious breakfast. Besides, I was going to attend the first challenge show in the LUXE Paris Look of the Year Contest, and I was looking forward to rubing elbows with some of the most distinguished personalities in the SL fashion scene.

In case you missed it, the LUXE Paris Look of the Year Contest is the search for a model who will represent this prestigious brand as its ambassador. This year, there were 123 entries, and among them, twelve were selected as finalists. A panel of sixteen judges has been charged with picking the one model that will become the face of LUXE Paris. A daunting task, that in my capacity of Staff Editor at Maniera Magazine, I was invited to tackle.

The venue was amazing, very fittingly since it was located on grounds of Amazing Impressions Modeling, the agency hosting the event. And the catwalk itself was a splendid work by BonieFacio CEO of AIM, whose complete resumé would take more space than we are allowed here. Suffice it to say he’s also the fashion designer of Dot-BE, LUXE Paris’ line for men.

When I arrived, the place was bursting with contestants, judges, hosts, a DJ, and several random onlookers in such a number that made me crash twice. Nothing too severe to make me quit though, so I persisted. Watching the crème de la crème of the SL fashion world parading before my eyes was something I wouldn’t miss, no matter how many times I had to crash.

On the stage, there were our two hosts: Diana Balhaus, rooting on the mic with great enthusiasm for all the contestants, with a passion that was so contagious the audience couldn’t help but clap and cheer from their seats, and Tenan Nox, toiling on the keyboard for the benefit of the hearing-impaired section of the crowd.

Julia Brand and Naar Rexen

Julia Brand, COO at LUXE Paris, was the show director Sunday so the quality of the presentation was due to her. Naar Rexen, our Look of the Year 2017, gave a modeling crash course to the three finalists who had no experience of the runway. Julia made them practice too. It is because of these two women that the three newcomers looked like pros on Sunday.

And there were, of course, the contestants embellishing the scene with their poise and grace. And their outfits. The outfits! The theme of the show was “A Day at the Beach,” so the models had to pick an outfit to look fabulous at the beach. And you know you are a model when you know how to choose exactly the right garment, the shoes, the accessories, and even the hair style to create an effect and convey a message: this is fashion, this is beauty, this is how everybody should look.

This year’s batch of contestants run the whole gamut of the modeling world: we have very well seasoned models, winners of previous contests with a bunch of awards under their belts, as well as, real novices who had never stepped on a catwalk before in their lives but were eager to show they had what it takes to go far in the world of modeling.

The judges watched attentively as the models walked, twirled, and posed making the outfits be seen from every angle. They were checking for their elegance, style, originality, and charisma, taking mental notes, jotting down some thoughts, and making comments among them in the private chat we shared. And once the tally was done, we scored the contestants on a web page specially set up for us.

The event concluded with a lively dance, to the tune of the skilled beats of DJ LadyD Beauregard-Barbosa, who spun beach music that took us more deeply into the mood of the event. What a thrill! That morning turned out as exciting and stimulating as I expected, and now I’m looking forward for the second part of the contest, which will be held next Sunday at 10am SLT at Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM), Voodoo City (33, 51, 3008), and where the final winner will be announced. Who will be the next face of LUXE Paris? Stay tuned to find out!

The LUXE Paris photographer, Richard De Grataine, took photos of each finalist and their portraits are available HERE.

By Coco St. George