One of Those Days

So, things haven’t gone exactly your way, right? The time you thought you’d always have available has run out, maybe too fast, and now you feel left in the dust. You could even think it’s depressing, if only you have the strength of mind to think in these circumstances.

You know what I’m talking about. We all have had at least one of those days that loom menacing over the horizon, when you don’t want even to set foot out of your bed. The clock’s alarm sounds like the fusillade of a firing squad, and all you want is go back to the warmth of your blankets and the safety of your pillows.

But if Life has taught you something, it is that there’s always a way out of a situation, no matter how terrible it may look. So, get out of your bed, look at the picture on the right and tell me: Wouldn’t you rather be there? Watch carefully. You could be there, cuddling in that boat, whispering sweet nothings to your significant other, or simply feeding the swans that are there, believe me, even if you don’t see them in the picture.

Isn’t that a much better plan than moping and whining all by your lonesome? Of course, it is! So, chin up, dress up, and grab this teleporter to Calas Galadhon Park, where you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful landscape, a wonderful architecture (don’t forget to visit the greenhouse, full of plants and flowers that will make your woes turn into wows), or a horseback ride if you lean towards some more vigorous exercise. Or maybe you just want to stroll without an aim in mind, at a leisurely pace, to allow yourself the time to absorb the beauty that surrounds you.

This is the swan you could not see in the photo above

by Coco St. George