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by Sita WriterThere are many builds in SL that are replicas of the “real thing.” SL affords us the opportunity to get a sense of a place that we may […]

opera 2by Sita Writer
There are many builds in SL that are replicas of the “real thing.” SL affords us the opportunity to get a sense of a place that we may never have the opportunity to visit in RL but we can virtually.  One very special build that comes to mind is the Palais Garnier or Paris Opera Royal Opera House and Gardens that has been painstakingly recreated by Andy Loon (Szerewp Loon) with a little help from his friends.

Opera inside 1Loon tells ManieraSL that there were many steps in completing this historically accurate build. “First of all, I accumulated a huge photographic documentation, more than 3,000 images of the Paris Opera in real life.   Then, I studied the plans of the Opera House and how the rooms were situated.  I also analyzed their dimensions in order to give my build balance.  When I felt like I had all the information I needed, I started to build the Opera House on a scale of 1:1.  And then, step by step, based on the photos, I began to create custom textures.” Loon worked on this build everyday for several hours a day for more than a year and is still putting finishing touches on it.

In RL, the Palais Garnier or Paris Opera was built from 1861 to 1875 and was known for its opulence. It is a beloved a symbol of Paris and perhaps the most famous opera house in the world, partly due for its use as a setting for Phantom of the Opera.  It is built in the Second Empire style of architecture and is a masterpiece. Loon wanted to bring this sense of opulence to SL. “I love historic buildings and I love opera. Opera Garnier is for me is the most beautiful opera house in the world. It was a huge challenge, but I had this idea a few years ago and decided to make my idea into a virtual reality.”

opera 1Loon is quick to acknowledge that he had help with this massive undertaking. “I have several friends that made this project possible.  First of all, there is Xinoxi Han, she bought the entire sim just for the Opera and financed this project. Without her it was absolutely impossible.  I am also grateful to Darcy Mokeev who helped me locate images that I couldn’t find, she actually custom made some for me. Several other talented friends — Joyus Sohl, isabelle.stoop, Дℜŧℰℳℐ 丂 (artemisgreece) and Marcthur (marcthur.goosson) helped me with mesh, sculptures and other 3-D elements that make this build so gorgeous; they really helped to bring realism to this build.”

Loon’s fondest wish is for SL peeps to visit and perhaps attend one of the many events performed here; needless to say, mostly opera.  “I hope that everyone who cannot visit this magnificent opera house in the real world knows they are always welcome to come here and visit because it is a true replica of the Paris opera house which is almost 140 years old.”  If you a music lover, a lover of beauty and architecture, Palais Garnier is well worth the visit.

You may visit the Palais Garnier, which is located on the Royal Opera House and Gardens sims at Oceanea (112, 129, 30).

Next door to the Opera is the SL Literary Foundation and we featured the Vatican Library that is located there in The Opulent World of the Vatican Library.

Sita Writer Writer & Photographer

Sita Writer
Writer & Photographer