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I’m stretched out comfortably on a stone bench in a lovely forest on Angelinne Falls. At the end of the bench is a dove, who I swear occasionally winks at […]

I’m stretched out comfortably on a stone bench in a lovely forest on Angelinne Falls. At the end of the bench is a dove, who I swear occasionally winks at me. I’ve found a quiet corner in Second Life® so I can still my mind and bring peace to my soul. My periodic need for solitude suggested a ManiStyle about Peaceful Places in SL.

I found and visited three sims. Each had a different theme or focus but all three were dedicated to providing a peaceful retreat. One is a Chinese scholar’s garden and has a Buddhist feeling to it. The second is a woodsy place with a focus on Islam. The third is an island of trees, rocks, fantastic skies and interesting nooks. It has a Christian orientation but with a strong back-to-nature feeling. Peaceful Chinese Garden

The three sims are:

The first sim I discovered was named, A Refuge for Peace in a Chinese Garden.  I spoke with Grath Helgerud about the sim and it’s architecture. He said, “I think Chinese in particular is a stunningly beautiful architecture and the builder Ryu ( ryusho Ort) gave me such a good feeling for the ideas here. The Chinese concept of meditation is to look out upon nature and to see its beauty. This encourages a focus on the beauty of the sim and for those who come to enjoy it. I like that idea of meditation as well as that of Mindfulness.” Ort is the designer/builder of the buildings on the sim and Camryn Darkstone did the overall landscape/architectural design.

I wondered how Helgerud was led to creating the sim. He explained, “I arrived here in 2007 and rented the parcel on Qoheleth. Subsequently I became interested in the whole environment of SL and thought the best way to learn was to begin a group. I am a psychoanalyst in RL and so a round table discussion seemed ideal. We are in our 7th year of weekly discussions. I chose the topic weekly and we have a consistent group of about 10 and a historic membership of over 250. I’ve enjoyed the discussions and learned a great deal.”Peaceful Reflextion

The sim is public and all are welcome the use it for relaxation, meditation and conversation. Helgerud commented on the goals of the sim, “We have begun to see the Refuge for Peace in a Traditional Chinese Garden as a community of members. We now host a residence and are aware that a Refuge for Peace is a welcome idea amid the many dramas of SL. We are basically a drama free zone.”

Peaceful Reflextion is a new location created by Milly Iles (MllEtoile Resident). Her sim has a strong focus on Islam, offers a lovely pavillion for meditation and a very large copy of the Quran that you can read. She says that while her sim is new, she plans for it to be around for a long time. This sim has a dress code.

Peaceful 2The third sim is Angelinne Falls. It is a sim of light and color. Not as calm in aspect as the others but still offering a location for peaceful reflection. Grace Seubert, the owner, says this about Angelinne Falls, “… a peaceful, safe, and sacred place to rest, relax, pray, be inspired, and just breathe. Explore everywhere… there are lots of secret places.”

Written by Deepthinker Oh

Deepthinker Oh Assistant Editor

Deepthinker Oh
Assistant Editor