Second Life 2018 Fall Fashion Previews: Falling in Love with Fall Over All Over Again

by Becky Kenaan “and all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall.” – Oscar Wilde As fashionistas, come September it’s hard to control our excitement – all due to our obsequious […]

by Becky Kenaan

“and all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall.” – Oscar Wilde

As fashionistas, come September it’s hard to control our excitement – all due to our obsequious nature to wear the latest in Fall fashion. Of course, Fall’s short window briskly gives way to Winter, preempting our obsessiveness to then seek the latest winter trends.

Personally. I love the Fall because I have always been soothed by Autumn’s cool breeze against my face, its cleansing first rains, the crispness in the air, its scent and those beautiful, billowing cloudy days. Seeing these returning clouds, I welcome them back into my life like long lost friends.

The essence of Fall’s fashion passion comes with your ability to reinvent and renew yourself. Comfy jeans, jumpsuits, soft warm sweaters, leggings under dresses – these sooth the soul and refresh the spirit seven days a week.

When it comes to discovering the latest in Fall Fashion, there is no better way to learn more about the upcoming eye-catching releases than to look to the leading designers here in Second Life. That being said, I have queried Mika Palmyra and Parisian Skytower of LUXE Paris Fashion, Bao (89, 43, 26), and Nice Wildrose of Wild Fashion & Beauty, Tropical Lodge (50,88,22), to provide us with tantalizing peeks into what’s coming. After all ladies, isn’t it your goal to wear the latest in fashion (before everyone else does)?

This coming Autumn/Winter Season is an interesting one indeed: more textures, more garments, more colors and more layers. From daring to conservative, keep your eyes on these new fashion pieces. It is all about the 3-5 layer style, particularly with iterations of oversized pieces. Many designers are opting for lengths past the calves, generally rustling below the ankle, with many falling to the floor. Shimmer and vibrant hues are in – with ’80s-inspired brights and futuristic animal print finishes.

When asked what influenced Wildrose’s stunning new creations she replied, “For the Fall, the latest fashion trends offer new fresh and exciting metallic looks with an expressive combination of mixed floral and animal prints. I am very inspired by these new Autumn directions – introducing new textures, patterns and colors while interplaying hints of the more traditional Summer hues into my new Fall releases. I hope my customers enjoy my latest works.”

With femininity as its baseline, the mood in fashion this coming season is also about modesty – which means that you certainly do not need to be showing any skin at all (should you prefer not to). This Paradiso Jumpsuit by Nice Wildrose of Wild Fashion exemplifies this look, providing both coverage and sophisticated sensual elegance at once. By contrast, its keyhole plunge draped top which shows off a bra-less chest while managing to cover up enough – is very chic and trendy.

For formal elegance, this exposed shoulder halter style Temptation gown, with its exotic and mysterious fractal dark fern patterning exudes your sensual jungle side, making it one of the sexiest gowns that I have ever seen here in recent history.

On the casual side, it’s time to burrow into your fuzzy oversize sweaters. It is the art and balance of covering up without looking like a bloated penguin. So, if you’re tired of wearing girly floral stuff then skinny jeans, leather shorts and skirts always look super cool with sweaters. Paired these with open-toe booties – like a sandal/bootie hybrid type (BTW, there are no known frostbite cases in SL).

This year’s casual look portends a combination of pants and tunics or sweater jackets thrown on piece over piece – playing with layers while still staying in vogue through the winter months. The popular look will be in mixed and matched animal prints, florals, fractals and eye-catching colors with multiple layers, immersing the silhouette in sheer size with less definition around the curves.



A stellar example of this casual look is Wild Fashion’s Margot Blouse & Jeans set. Like Wildrose’s Paradiso jumpsuit with its bountiful HUD pattern and color options, this Margot outfit utilizes an array of gorgeous and very trendy animal prints interplayed with a diverse bouquet of vivid and fresh colors to brighten your spirit and day.

Broad shoulders (suggesting a woman’s strength) will be more of a common theme this Fall and Winter. Steering clear of skimpy, it is about coverage – sweater jackets, leather dresses, and long billowing blouses with puffed sleeves are very much in.

There is a fundamental principle in architecture which states that “Less is More.” That said, these days the gutsiest decision a fashion designer can make is to design something that’s quiet — and do it well. LUXE Paris Fashion does exactly that with its Fall Release called “Pure Dress”

This monochromatic design focuses on the detailed aspects of an outfit – refining its appearance to create a vogue, sophisticated and polished look. As an architectural student a few years back, my 3rd year design professor had us do all of our presentations in black & white only – so that the attention and thus merit was given to the details and proportion – not distracted by the color of the presentation.

When asked about the look of this dress, Skytower replied that, “… the PURE is a power trip! A very ‘couture’ dress and matching coat with powerful shoulders. It is definitely for the successful business woman.”

If you are looking for an evening number on the more casual, dressy chic side (with pants or skirt and matching top), the focus is on a toned stomach look, particularly around the rib section.

This fabulous LUXE Paris INNOCENCE Skirt, Top & Sleeves piece is a stunning example – seamlessly blending the innocent trilogy of a white bandeau top, billowing cloud-like sleeves and long, hip-hugging ruffled skirt. It’s exposed shoulder look and open midriff infuses sensuality and glamor into one stunningly gorgeous silhouette. Skytower describes this dress as ” the quintessential LUXE outfit – cut in a pure white silk with romantic sleeves – but it is also daring and very sensual!”

The cold shoulder trend also continues on my list for Fall/Winter 2018. While it is not the most pronounced Fall 2018 fashion trend seen on the runways this year, it has still made enough appearances to warrant my attention. LUXE Paris is at the top of their game introducing this eloquently playful and colorful BURBERREE Dress. Its scrumptious blood-orange, yellow and white plaid presentation, accentuated by its sophisticated cold shoulder banding and mid-section peekaboo cutout motifs, will certainly be a must have for any fashion conscious diva.

Palmyra states, “The Burberree dress is very trendy as it explores three important tendencies this fall: the plaid, the cold shoulder and the business look. But personally, what I really like in this dress, it is its elegant, sexy and powerful look! This dress says: Hey I am beautiful but a lot more than that!”

So get ready to put your bikinis and tube tops away, ladies. Fall has arrived, offering a variety of fresh new looks and nuances of color. After seeing these new, upcoming releases, it certainly has us buzzing once again with excitement.

Written and photographed by Becky Kenaan

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