See No Evil – A Virtual Charity

What might Valentine’s Day and a Bully have in common? I got your attention? Awesome! The earliest known meaning of the English expression ‘Bully’ was ‘Sweetheart’ most likely deriving from the Dutch word ‘Boel’ which means ‘lover.’

Of course today’s understanding of a bully has tragically changed. Poking around on the Internet and thinking about the topic helped me coming to the conclusion that a bully requires some sort of charisma or charm paired with an extremely low self-esteem sucking every little drop of life force or strength out of ‘their audience.’ If someone is not complying, the bully will attack and humiliate the person in his/her own environment – often beyond the breaking point. In the Bully’s understanding, putting people down keeps his/her admitting low position high in comparison. Consequentially, it can be argued that for most, the only two ways to ultimately deal with a bully is either leave or fight. Be prepared for a hard and nasty (but typically not very long) battle, because your ordinary bully is a coward with low self-esteem behind his or her ‘aggressor mask.’

Keeping this in mind, it is not hard to believe that Social Media and Virtual Worlds are the preferred playground of many bullies. Join others fighting back and visit Speak No Evil, an antibullying/anti-cyberbullying campaign. Join the fight!

Written by Sammie Audion, Staff Editor