ShenaniganS Music Cafe

Lyndka Cochrane and Mina Delicioso have created a sim that addresses all your virtual senses: A club, or rather music cafe, playing hot tunes, a place to hang out and meet some friends and of course you can get your shopping fix. However, the welcoming atmosphere and the friendly staff (the Shenanigans), alone don’t make this place so unique.

Next to the music cafe is the entrance to a rather unexpected fantasy: An fun visualization of Alice in Wonderland. The playground is a great place for taking pictures, take a loved one for a romantic dance, or simply indulge in your own fantasies and explore your journey into the famous Rabbit Hole to escape your real life for a little while.

ShenaniganS Music Cafe, Leodegrance (84, 100, 75)
Written by Sammie Audion, Staff Editor