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Who does not just love something pretty to wear! Clothes and shoes are fine, but it’s jewelry that really touches one’s heart. You must insure that your favorite shoes match […]

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Who does not just love something pretty to wear! Clothes and shoes are fine, but it’s jewelry that really touches one’s heart. You must insure that your favorite shoes match your dress but that diamond ring goes with EVERYTHING.

Jewelry has long been a staple in the Second Life® clothing world. I remember those early days when every ring or pendant had “bling.” Every jewel was programmed to explode with a starburst of light every 10 seconds or so. It made me never want to wear a diamond again. But with the passage of time has come a more sane approach to jewelry design and these days diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend.

EarthStones Service Desk

Deepy at EarthStones Service Desk

I have assembled five designers for you to explore. There are many fine designers in SL and in order to give you a sampling I have chosen designers from whom I have purchased items. So, while not a comprehensive list, I am familiar with these folks and have products from them that I enjoy.

EarthStones Jewelry – Items with a Mother Earth flair. I have a number of items from EarthStones. One is a lovely watch with an onyx dial. I’m always amazed by watches in SL as they actually tell time! One item I love, and wear a lot in the Summer, is a bead belt of many colors. It adds a colorful touch to a bikini.

Jewerly Deepy Pearls 2

Pearls by Yula Finesmith

Finesmith Jewelry & Accessories – Fashion on the wild side. During my brief sojourns as a model, my designer was always selecting necklaces from Finesmiths. Yula Finesmith’s designs are always exciting and dramatic. Rarely are they everyday wear but with a designer gown on a hot date night, something spectacular is perfect. For the dramatic, Finesmith is the choice.

JCNY Collection – Diamond specialist. If you need something with diamonds, go to JCNY. They have diamonds down pat. I can hardly say any more. I got diamond stud earrings from them about 2009 and they are still perfect, little bright lights in my ears.

Terra ear rings

SolAria Earrings by Terra d’OmbrA

Terra d’OmbrA – Traditional Italian design. Maizon Rayna’s store, Terra d’Ombra, is filled with fashions that have an Italian flair. She captures the romance and mystery of that sunny land of passion and love. Her jewelry is dramatic and varied. It is more traditional than Finesmith but has the advantage of being more suitable for everyday wear. I have a pair of gold earrings with a cascade of delicate stars, each with an amber center. They are lovely, go with everything and I wear them more than anything else.

[FORMANAILS] Accessories & Nails – Rings and things. Formanails specializes in nails, both prim and mesh, but they also design rings and bracelets and other spangley things for hands and feet. They focus on silver and gold over jewels and they have some spectacular and elaborate designs. I have worn their rigged mesh nails for several years.

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Written & Photographed by Deepthinker Oh. The texture used as the background in the banner for this column was created by Mika Palmyra of LUXE Paris Fashion House and is used with permission. The lovely necklace shown on the home page, the Featured Image, is by PurpleMoon Creations and is called Roses – Vintage Necklace in Copper.

Deepthinker Oh Managing Editor

Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor