Spring Break

By Maxx Mistwalker Spring, that time of year when the long dormant earth comes alive. Mother Nature stands up and stretches her muscles, gifting us with new growth and warmth. […]

spring break banner 600 wideBy Maxx Mistwalker

Spring, that time of year when the long dormant earth comes alive. Mother Nature stands up and stretches her muscles, gifting us with new growth and warmth. The animals come out of hiding to lift their faces to the sun and breathe in all of the smells that the warm breeze is carries. The days begin to grow longer, giving us more time to enjoy the outdoors and allowing us to relieve the cabin fever that comes with the colder months. Stepping outside our winter prisons, we feel renewed and relish every second. Another great thing that the Spring brings is Spring Break.

The Keys_002dSpring Break is that time honored tradition of complete and utter abandon and debauchery. Where we go to the warmer parts of the world to celebrate our freedom from sweaters and long pants in favor of barely there bikinis and flip flops. Beer and pizza become a main staple in the diet of the average Spring breaker and parties and beach bonfires replace books and classes.

There is an adult alternative for Spring Break. For those of us who want to enjoy some more sophisticated fun this Spring I suggest visiting “The Keys“.  There are little treats tucked away throughout the island. Giving the visitor a ton to do and explore the first time they visit. I am hearkened back to a small New England town during the peak of the era when visiting the beach in the warmer months and renting a beach bungalow was at the height of fashion. Being one of the lucky few who could take advantage of such a treat proved status. “The Keys” reminds me of the quaint and sleepy town of Amity Island, the main setting of the movie “Jaws.”

The Keys_007dIt is lovely to be sailing or lounging by the warm water as it reflects the sun in a million shards across its expanse. The sun warming our skin by kissing it gently, relaxing us into a lulled state. I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the island solo for a time. The peace and quiet soaking into me was a welcome change from my hectic everyday life.  There are places scattered around the sim for those intimate moments that are only made more romantic by the beautiful sunsets and dawns in “The Keys.” What better way to spend an evening than snuggled up with your sweetie looking out over a never ending expanse of blue.

The Keys_008dMy attention was immediately drawn to the only lighthouse on the island. I was delighted to see that there was a small bungalow adjacent to that lighthouse. I imagined a young bride awaiting the arrival of her sailor. He being guided back to the love of his life by a constant light beaming his path to happiness. I was also drawn to the small artist’s hideaway. It’s a simple gazebo but it offers stunning views of the water for those who are struck by the need to paint or sculpt. “The Keys” also boasts a bowling alley with three lanes… who doesn’t love to bowl? There are a couple of small shops that offer a variety of different things, however this sim isn’t for shopping. We come to “The Keys” to relax and unwind after a long, cold winter. We relish the sun’s rays on our otherwise frozen (not to mention pale) skin.

As far as Spring Break goes, I think that we now have the right idea. Binge drinking and waking up completely lost is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of famed excess and here are the days of sophistication in celebration.

Maxx Mistwalker Writer and Photographer

Maxx Mistwalker
Writer and Photographer