Sunday Brunch: Luxe Style

We all gathered at the LUXE Paris fashion house for a fashion show brunch to pick the winner of the LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2017 contest. The room […]

The finalists: Becky Kenaan, Valsnia, Naar Rexen, Arianna Jasmine, Elita Wardell, Aealla Illyar Gracemount, Leezah Kaddour, & Cee Quinnz

We all gathered at the LUXE Paris fashion house for a fashion show brunch to pick the winner of the LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2017 contest. The room filled, the guests brunched, the judges anticipated, the speeches inspired, the finalists were coming down the runway and… the sim crashed!

Parisian Skytower addresses the brunch guests

Gathering at an alternative location, the Amazing Impressions Modeling runway that spanned two sims, the brunch continued.

Here is how Naar Rexen responded to the sudden venue switch. She said, “Okay, this place I know it, I’ve paraded many times here. I put myself in a corner, I take the camera, and start again with the derenders. When I finish, I put myself in the line and there I start to load my poses and at that moment, just at that moment, I realize that the end will begin, and the nerves again appear and I again trembling like a leaf. I make my way out, I’m good. I can show all my poses. I relax.”

Becky Keeaan also responded with aplomb, “The Brunch Event was wonderful up until I crashed. Then a certain level of panic set in … When I learned that the crash was universal and that the sim had apparently crashed, my emotions went from personal panic to genuine concern for the event, knowing how much time and effort went into making it work.”

Each finalist came down the runway in her last appeal to the judges to select her as the winnier. The day’s judges were: Ponchitutti Boucher, Owner of One on One Modeling & Tutelage Academy, Chemak Kamala, owner of Confidencial magazine, Adonis Lubomir, Owner of Swank Events, Essy Luv, COO at Amazing Impressions Modeling, Lorelei Maggs, Look of the Year 2015, and the Co-Owners of LUXE Paris, Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra.

What went through the finalists’ minds as they prepared for this final walk? This is what Aealla Illyar Gracemount said, “The competition is tough in this particular event. I had to be on my best game. This made it hard for me to go through the store and decide what to wear. They had a great selection, but if I wanted to win I had to be my best. I chose the Flaming gown because I felt that I could best represent the product and the brand in this style. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was not just to get through the first round and be accepted, but also to get into the second finalist part.”

Kenaan also had a moment of pre-runway concern, “I was a bit nervous just before going down the runway. But I believe that it is common for most models. We tend to make fun of our ourselves in a self-deprecating way to blow off the stress just before we strut. I have always been confident about myself so I did not let my nerves hinder my ability to go down the runway. I put the sim crash behind me and did not let it upset me. Whatever damage was done it was now in the past – we all spent a long time getting ready for this and we all understood what we needed to do as a team – regardless of the outcome of the event.”

The judges were looking for the woman who best combined style, professionalism, grace and innovation. These qualities manifested themselves as multiple elements; clothes, hair, make up, accessories, walk… all combined to make the best impression. After careful Gracemount deliberation, the judges chose a winner and three runners up.

Ta da!! (Trumpet sounds)

Naar Rexen, LUXE Paris Look of the Year 2017

The new face of LUXE Paris is Naar Rexen and the first runner up was Aealla Illyar Gracemount, followed by Leezah Kaddour and Becky Kenaan.

Rexen’s initial response at that moment was, “They are going to announce the winner. It’s my name? God! I won? And now what do I do? Where do I move? Which key I have to touch to walk… and suddenly I started to cry like a crazy by the emotion. Everyone wrote me congratulating me, but between the tears that clouded my vision, and my hands, which trembled so much, I can not write well.”

Aealla Illyar Gracemount, First Runner-Up, Becky Kenaan, Third Runner-up & Leezah Kaddour, Second Runner-Up

“All the finalists were beautiful and elegant but Naar distinguished herself with a touch of exoticism and appeared confident under pressure,” said Mika Palmyra about the new face of LUXE Paris.

“She will be a great representative for our brand,” added Parisian Skytower. “She is so chic and always styled perfectly. She is authentic and consistently wonderful every time!”

There were 114 entries. To reduce over 100 plus beautiful people to four was a huge challenge. Within that wonderful collection of models are the winners of future contests.

The show was directed by Stavaros Gracemount, who was assisted by Julia Brand. Jewell Ember-Snowpaw hosted and LadyD Beauregard-Barbosa spun beautiful French music. It was a production of LUXE Paris in collaboration with MANIERA SL, ModeLS, Confidencial and One on One.

The two owners-designers of LUXE Paris, Parisian Skytower & Mika Palmyra, with the finalists.

The photographs are by Kody Meyers.

Written by Deepthinker Oh

Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor