Tattoos of Summer

June marks the beginning of Summer. With Summer comes shorts with halter tops and bikinis. And exposed skin. While many people are delighted with the exposed skin of Summer, some […]

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June marks the beginning of Summer. With Summer comes shorts with halter tops and bikinis. And exposed skin. While many people are delighted with the exposed skin of Summer, some of us seek to cover portions of that skin with tattoos.

This month, ManiStyle, takes a brief look at the Tattoos of Summer.

TATS-020 Avis Tammy, Sammie, PeachyIf we go back a generation or so, tattoos were associated with men, usually sailors and often acquired during a dimly recalled night of shore leave. These days both men and women sport tattoos. While women have accepted tattoos, they tend to shy away from the sailors choice of crossed, foul anchors with “Mother” emblazoned below or the ever popular hand-holding-the-dagger with the motto “Death From Above.” To cater to this wider audience, there have evolved tattoos of subtle designs with pastel colors that flatter the body as opposed to making the emotional or political statement from older times.

Tattoos in Second Life® are generally designed to be worn on a special layer of clothing called, obviously, the tattoo layer. This layer positions the tattoo over the skin but below all the clothing layers. Most vendors offer the tattoos on several of the other clothing layers in addition to the tattoo layer (underwear, shirt, jacket, etc). You can wear several tattoos by attaching them with “Add” as opposed to “Wear.”

The new mesh bodies can wear the various clothing layers by using an “applier” to attach it in the right orientation. There are appliers for every mesh body designer so the list of choices is pretty long. I found one vendor who offered mesh tattoos (Seventy-5) and they seemed to be only for mesh cat and koi

Click on the pictures to see them full size. The three swimmers above, plus the banner, are all mesh bodies from various vendors. The other pictures are of a traditional body. It does seem that mesh is the coming thing among bodies.

We have listed five designers/vendors of tattoos in Second Life. Some offer traditional designs and others offer highly imaginative and creative works of art. The photos are close-ups of tattoos. The source of each is noted with the designer below.

  1. Letis Tattoo Culture, Leti Hax , Owner, Shepard (150, 42, 2870). She has a large selection of mostly black or sepia toned tattoos. The sweet little cat tattoo (on the left) is from her store. The koi in that same picture is by Kimiko Manatiso.
  2. Seventy-5, Sorcia Dakun, Owner, Nolan (110, 149, 21). They feature mesh tattoos that will work, via appliers, on mesh bodies from Belleza, TMP and Maitreya.
  3. TAOX TATTOO, Zulam (0Claudia0 Novaland), Owner, The Norns (117, 53, 21). This is the largest store and offers a huge selection of appliers that must cover all the mesh bodies out there.
  4. Village of Himeji, Seven of Himeji (Seven Mornington), Owner, The Domaine (162, 112, 23). Her tattoos are very Far Eastern in style and have lovely colors. The store is set in an authentic Japanese village and the ambiance itself is worth a visit (Adult sim). The big dragon, in the picture below, was a free item from her Marketplace location.
  5. Wicked Tattoos, Shanea Wicked (Shanea Parx), Owner, Riot (128, 124, 21). I have one of her full body tattoos and I always get complements on it. Wicked was also the only vendor I saw to offer demos of all the tattoos, including a half dozen appliers.

Written by Deepthinker Oh. Photographs by Sammie Audion and Deepthinker Oh

Deepthinker Oh Managing Editor

Deepthinker Oh
Managing Editor

Sammie Audlion Staff Editor

Sammie Audion
Staff Editor

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